October pregnancy will eventually lead to childbirth, is it a natural delivery? Or a caesarean section? It is a problem that every mother is bound to face, and I don’t know that the battle between natural delivery and cesarean section has been going on for 30 years. Let’s unravel the history together and see the journey of choosing a natural cesarean section.

1、 1978-1990: The world of natural childbirth

——All urban pregnant mothers are admitted to the hospital to give birth

30 years ago, in many rural areas, “midwives” were still synonymous with giving birth, and the vast majority of “midwives” did not receive professional training and only gave birth based on experience. After 1978, almost 100% of pregnant women in cities were admitted to hospitals to give birth. During this period, with the continuous improvement of medical standards, the mortality rate of difficult childbirth for pregnant women decreased, and the natural mode of childbirth was mainly vaginal delivery. Only when encountering difficult childbirth would they choose a caesarean section.

The main reasons for natural childbirth are:

·Good physical fitness. Due to the lack of advanced technology at that time, people in the past had a relatively high level of activity, strong ability to endure hardships, and good physical fitness. Giving birth was mostly natural childbirth.

·Differences in ideological concepts. Influenced by traditional beliefs, giving birth at this time is often a natural occurrence, and the fear of pain, fear of affecting one’s figure, and fear of postpartum recovery are all not considered.

·The medical level is constantly improving. The maternal mortality rate in the past was very high, as the saying goes, giving birth is like crossing the gates of death, one leg has already entered, and the neonatal mortality rate is also very high. Countless pregnant women have died due to difficult childbirth, and continuous improvement in medical technology has greatly reduced the mortality rates of pregnant women and newborns.


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