Near childbirth, expectant mothers are waiting for the arrival of the baby, this time, expectant dad also need to do enough preparations! In order to let the baby come healthy and safe, expectant mothers have been fighting for months, to the last critical moment, psychological pressure is greater, at this time, is expectant dad to perform well. Expectant father not only to prepare for the mother-to-be, but also to do their own psychological preparation, and with the mother-to-be to welcome the arrival of the baby! But many prospective fathers don’t know what to prepare for and do for their mothers-to-be as they approach childbirth. Let’s take a look.

Next to childbirth, expectant dad must be prepared.

Near delivery, expectant mother’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, coupled with the baby’s fetal movement, vomiting, constipation, insomnia and many other reasons, expectant mother is basically very difficult to have a good mood. Therefore, this time is the critical period for expectant fathers to show their talents and protect their wives. Expectant Mommy is stressed. Are you ready, dad?

1, delivery knowledge needs to be understood at least.

During pregnancy, you should read more about pregnancy and childbirth. When Mommy shares your fetal movements or stomachache, you can at least know the general situation of your baby. Especially when the expectant father sleeps next to the expectant mother, when the expectant mother is facing childbirth, the expectant father can find out for the first time.

2, believe in the doctor’s professional advice.

Facing the problems that may arise during childbirth, prospective fathers may not have the experience to deal with them. At this point, prospective fathers should trust doctors and persuade prospective mothers to trust doctors, who will give you the most professional advice. When the popular “folk law” is different from the doctor’s opinion, please be sure to take the doctor’s advice as the criterion.

3, companionship is a sweet rather than a burden.

No matter what career the expectant father is in, expectant mothers should try to find time to be around when they are approaching childbirth. No Mommy is willing to face the doctor alone and produce by himself. The accompanying of the expectant father and family is the warmth that can not be bought with money. With the company of love, Mommy naturally has more confidence to produce a healthy baby.

During the delivery period, the expectant father should be more intimate with his mother.

When expectant mothers are expecting a baby, what should a husband, a father-to-be, do for expectant mothers and babies who are expecting a baby in October?

1. Play the best caregivers.

When the expectant mother is in labor, the best caregiver should be the expectant father. Because prospective dads understand the needs of their mother-in-law’s life, and the relationship between husband and wife is generally deeper than the other members of the family. Therefore, the role of the prospective father as the best caregiver will make the prospective mother mentally feel that her husband can share the pain of childbirth, can give the prospective mother the greatest spiritual support and enhance confidence in childbirth.

2, comfort the accurate antenatal fear of mummy.

When expectant mothers are expecting to give birth, because of various reasons, they often feel fear, fear, uneasiness and other emotions. At this time, as expectant mothers’husbands, they should actively cooperate with the requirements of medical staff, and give expectant mothers the greatest care and care, so that expectant mothers in the expectant childbirth to put down their ideological burdens and concerns, and concentrate on cooperating with medical personnel. The work of the midwives and midwives will ensure the smooth delivery.

3. Check together and pack the ready to deliver bag.

Whether the expectant mother delivers naturally or chooses a caesarean section, the expectant father needs to carefully help the expectant mother prepare the bag together. As the saying goes, the best education a father can give a baby is a mother who loves and cares about Ta.

4, in advance for prospective mothers to purchase good food for puerperium

Puerperal period is the key period for expectant mothers to recover from childbirth. As husbands, they should take the initiative to care about the dietary and nutritional problems of expectant mothers. On the basis of respecting their dietary preferences, they should purchase some nutritious foods such as eggs, dates, brown sugar, yellow wine, peanuts, wolfberries, kelp and walnuts to ensure that expectant mothers are present. During the puerperium can get good nutritional supplement, so that the labor expenditure of physical recovery is good.

5. Clean up the mother and infant room.

Expectant mothers in labor, at this time has a big belly, cleaning work has been quite difficult, and expectant mothers need to maintain physical strength to prepare for childbirth, so these heavy physical work needs to be shared by the expectant father. Before delivery, the expectant father should clean the mother and infant room, wipe the windows clean, curtain or bed direction needs to be re-arranged, all in advance, strive to give the postpartum expectant mother and newborn a clean, light and ventilated environment for recuperation, so that mother and child in a safe, clean, comfortable mother and child The room passes the puerperium.

6, ready to cooperate with childbirth.

In the two weeks before and after the expectant mother’s pregnancy and delivery, the expectant father should be ready to cooperate with the expectant mother to hospital delivery. Prepare enough cash or bank cards in advance to pay for, pack up and carry packages when the expectant mother is in hospital for delivery. Prepare some chocolate for the expectant mother. Once the expectant mother has signs of labor, she can eat some. During the delivery process, she can also replenish her energy at any time. Keep your strength and end delivery as soon as possible.

7, wash and wash the clothes of mother and baby room and the clothes of quasi Mommy.

Maternal and infant room requirements are clean, comfortable, safe, therefore, in order to ensure sanitation, the father-to-be room bedding, sheets, pillowcases, puerperal clothes to be worn by the mother-to-child children to clean, and the mother-to-child room bedding core, pillow core and so on with the sun exposure sterilization. It’s best for dads-to-be to have one or two extra sheets and mommy-to-be clothes ready for use.

Near childbirth, is the time when couples work together to overcome difficulties, father-to-be must not let mother-to-be face all this alone. A lot of times, the father-to-be words of concern, a caring action, will give the mother-to-be great encouragement.


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