Although many mothers would like to let their babies come to the world in the way of natural delivery, there are still some inevitable factors that cannot be changed, or various factors that have established facts, leading to the choice of caesarean section. What are the most common causes of caesarean section? Are they dangerous? Is it possible to turn it into natural production? This article takes you to find out!  

According to relevant statistics, the rate of caesarean birth in China is about 30% – 35%. Obstetrician Ou Jiayou said that with the current medical technology and hospital equipment, caesarean section has become a very common and safe medical behavior.

However, due to the high chance of sudden death due to unexplained causes within one month, and the advantages of natural childbirth to mothers and babies are still more than Caesarean birth, many mothers will try their best to seek the feasibility of natural childbirth even though they have the possibility of caesarean birth.

The following is a statistical analysis of caesarean section rankings:

Caesarean section ranking

First place – caesarean section of the first child

Hazard index: * (medium)

[condition description]

This reason can be said to be the first caesarean section in China, and it is also the exclusive caesarean section reason for pregnant women. Because the fetus has been caesarean section, in order to avoid the risk of delivery, so choose caesarean section directly.

[what causes]

Because of the risk of uterine rupture during natural labor. It’s an unwritten practice of caesarean section.

[what can mothers do with it]

As a matter of fact, there are more and more successful cases of caesarean section in the former fetus, so if everything is normal during pregnancy, you can consider natural birth, but this needs to be discussed with your birth examiner.

How to deal with obstetricians

If you still insist on caesarean section, you can arrange caesarean section after the full term (37 weeks), or you can wait until there are signs of delivery before you go to the hospital. (less people do, because there is the possibility of white pain due to the contraction of the uterus. If the fetal position is not correct and the water is broken, there is a risk of umbilical cord prolapse.)

So under what conditions can natural production be tried? “It’s better not to have the experience of second hysterectomy,” said Dr. Ou Jiayou. The American Society of Obstetrics and gynecology (ACOG) has also published some suggestions, for example, the previous way of caesarean section must be to open the lower segment of the uterus horizontally, and there is no interference of any factors that must be opened when the examination results are about to be delivered, as well as hospitals supported by blood bank and anesthesiology department (or within 30 minutes).

2nd place – malposition

Hazard index: ** (medium)

[condition description]

Generally, it refers to the horizontal position and the head of the fetus are not facing down, etc.

[what causes]

Most of them have no special reason. However, it is understood that it is related to placenta previa, fetal abnormality, uterine malformation, or uterine fibroids and other factors.

[what can mothers do with it]

After 7-8 months of pregnancy, if the position and position of the fetus detected by the doctor during the labor examination are not conducive to natural labor, then the correction exercise of “knee chest horizontal” can be done to make the fetal position correct.

How to deal with obstetricians

Encourage and confirm pregnant women to do corrective exercise. “If the baby does not become a full-fledged baby by the expected date of delivery, it will be delivered by caesarean section. “Said Dr. Ou Jiayou, chief physician.

3rd place – labor delay

Hazard index: * (medium)

[description] there are signs of childbirth, but the process of childbirth is not smooth.

[what causes] it may be that the parturient is too tired, the fetal head is too large, and the fetal position is not good (such as occipital posterior position or facial position).

[what can mothers do] ask doctors for advice, discuss with their families and cooperate with doctors for advice.

How to deal with obstetricians

Mr. Ou Jiayou, chief physician, said that the types and changes of labor delay were more diverse, which depended on the site conditions. Generally speaking, the methods to deal with it were as follows:

* prolongation of incubation period: you can rest first or give uterine contractions.

* delayed dilatation of cervix in active period: observe the progress and give support again, but if there is any disharmony of fetal head and pelvis, laparotomy should be performed immediately.

* prolonged deceleration period: uterine contractions should be given when there is no disproportion of fetal head and pelvis. If the parturient is too tired, she can take a rest first.

* secondary dilatation stop: it may be that the head and pelvis of the fetus are not in proper balance. Caesarean section may be considered.

Highlight: mothers give birth in different ways, rehearse various babies, mothers to be, don’t choose caesarean section easily, choose caesarean section to leave health risks


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