There is a saying that a woman must lie in bed for a month to prevent postpartum visceral prolapse.

What’s the ghost? My wife had to endure all this torture after an indescribable cesarean section, and gave me 100 W without wanting to have a new baby.

In fact, postpartum low back pain is a lot of new mothers to face the problem, especially cesarean section of the new mother, then, what secret can help pregnant mothers repel postpartum low back pain? Follow editors to learn the following skills.


Get out of bed and walk around.

After caesarean section, the new mother who had exhausted all her strength was exhausted, and most people didn’t want to get out of bed because of the pain of the wound. However, if you lie down for too long, your waist muscles are lack of exercise and you are prone to low back pain.


The new mother has to overcome difficulties and get out of bed. Get up slowly, use your waist less, raise your hand sideways and help. First turn your body to your side in bed, lean forward on your shoulders, bend your knees, then support your body with your elbows and arms, and move your legs away from the bed and sit up.


Don’t bend over.

Some new mothers don’t want to get out of bed. Some new mothers have to get out of bed. Newborn children make noises day and night, so they have to hold their children in their hands all day, the whole month did not rest well, often get out of bed to work, bending will increase the burden of lumbar muscles and ligaments, will also aggravate the symptoms of lumbago.


Don’t bend over too much during the puerperium. If you can, ask for help to take care of the children. Don’t do too much housework during the puerperium.


The feeding position is right.

At the beginning of the upgrade to a new mother, breast-feeding is a big knowledge, feeding posture wrong can also cause waist pain.


Take the sitting breast-feeding position as an example: Mother should sit in a chair of suitable height, with her feet on the ground or comfortably placed on a small stool. A cushion is added to the back, which enables the waist to support. When feeding the baby, it is best to put another pillow on the knee, so that the baby’s position is raised, greatly reducing the burden of the mother’s waist muscles.


Dietary calcium supplement

During maternal lactation, calcium loss is large, and calcium deficiency can also cause lumbago.

New mothers should pay attention to appropriate calcium supplements, in the diet to eat more calcium-rich, easy to digest food, if necessary under the guidance of the doctor to supplement some calcium, restore calcium balance.


Hot compress physiotherapy

During pregnancy, the body’s center of gravity moves forward, the vertebral curvature increases, the burden on the back increases, abdominal pressure and so on can also cause back muscle ligament damage.


When you have lumbago, you can use hot water bags to apply the pain area, so that the ligament slowly diminish inflammation and restore. Severe words can go to the hospital some postpartum rehabilitation institutions have some physiotherapy, can also ease the discomfort of postpartum low back pain.


Love beauty needs caution

Nowadays, many new mothers after 80- are fashion designers, and postpartum is no exception. However, waist tied clothes and high-heeled shoes will aggravate the symptoms of lumbago.


The new mother wears loose waist clothes, pay attention to waist warmth, avoid wearing high heels too early, choose comfortable soft flat shoes is better.


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