Three years ago, Ms. Pu gave birth by caesarean section, and the whole family was very happy. But soon, the joy was overwhelmed by the pain that followed. In April 2009, she was diagnosed with abdominal mass. And the “package block” taken out after the operation surprised her: “package block” turned out to be a medical blood pad gauze left in the abdomen after the operation. On July 27, the reporter learned from the Xichong County Court in Sichuan that the first instance judgment of Xichong court ordered the defendant hospital to compensate Ms. PU for various losses, totaling more than 76000 yuan.

Postoperative abdominal pain is unbearable

In October 2007, Ms. Pu delivered a baby boy by caesarean section in a hospital in Xichong County. Shortly after delivery, Ms. Pu felt a dull pain in her abdomen. The doctor said that it was a normal phenomenon after the operation. There was no need to make a fuss, and she was treated with intestinal obstruction. As time went on, Ms. Pu’s discomfort became more and more obvious. After the photos and B-ultrasound examination, the doctor treated them according to the kidney stones and stomach diseases, but they were not improved.

“For more than a year, I’ve been taking medicine every day, and it’s hard to sleep at night.” When the pain attack, Ms. Pu holding the baby breast-feeding feel very hard. At the doctor’s suggestion, Ms. Pu’s husband used a hot towel and a warm water bag for hot compress, and found that Ms. Pu’s abdomen had a mass, and the position was changing and getting bigger.

Find the cause in another hospital

Accompanied by her family, Ms. Pu went to Xichong County People’s Hospital for CT examination and found obvious mass in her abdomen. In April 2009, Ms. Pu entered Xichong County People’s Hospital for surgery. However, the mass that the doctor took out in Ms. Pu’s laparotomy surprised her: the mass was actually a piece of medical blood pad gauze adhered to the intestinal wall. Because the adherent small intestine has been ulcerated, we have to remove the adherent ulcerated small intestine at the same time.

Seek legal redress

After Ms. Pu was cured, she thought that the gauze was left by the caesarean section hospital when she was operated on. So she went to the hospital to negotiate with her. Because she didn’t get a satisfactory solution, Ms. Pu sued the people’s Court of Xichong County at the beginning of this year, asking the hospital to compensate for the mental and physical pain she suffered for more than two years, as well as the medical expenses she spent.

In the lawsuit, the hospital admitted that the gauze was left for Ms. Pu due to negligence during the operation, and was willing to make compensation according to relevant standards.

Xichong court held that the medical accident should be the responsibility accident caused by the negligence of the defendant doctor, and the defendant hospital should bear full compensation responsibility for the loss caused by Ms. Pu according to law. The defendant’s hospital was ordered to compensate Ms. PU for various losses, totaling more than 76000 yuan.


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