Every year on Mother’s day, we will pay attention to the expectant mothers whose healthy childbirth affects people’s hearts. Recently, aristocratic childbirth is popular among the 80’s expectant mothers in Xiamen. Although the fees are not cheap, the 80’s say the money is worth it!

Post-80s mothers are popular with high price noble childbirth

According to the reporter, in the VIP international maternity center of Xiamen maternal and child health care hospital where aristocratic delivery is carried out, the cost of spontaneous delivery is about 13800 yuan, while the cost of cesarean section is 22800 yuan. Compared with the normal hospital, the cost of spontaneous delivery is not more than 2000 yuan, and the cost of cesarean section is about 4000 yuan, which can be called “sky high price”. However, according to the figures provided by the VIP center, since its opening to the outside world in October 2005, the center has received more than 300 mothers, of whom a large proportion were born after 1980.

The reporter also found in the investigation that most of the expectant mothers who approved the birth of the aristocrats were the post-80s. They all said that the price of 12000 yuan was not too outrageous. Now women only have such a child in their lifetime, and it is also appropriate to be extravagant.

“Childbirth is the key, making money is going to cost”

In the VIP international maternity center, the reporter talked with several expectant mothers who came for consultation. They told the reporter that today’s young people attach most importance to health. Although the medical level is developed now, there are still many uncertain risk factors for women to have children. It’s worth paying more for professional services.

The reporter also noted that aristocratic childbirth was not only sought after by expectant mothers, but also voted for by their families. On the spot, a mother to be showed hesitation after asking about the price. Her husband immediately advised her that she was still young, so it would take money to make money, but not to make it again.

Zheng Tianxin, chief physician in charge of VIP center, said that the center is specially equipped with professional midwives, one-on-one accompany the pregnant women, and there are senior doctors and anesthesiologists of Obstetrics and neonatology during the delivery, which is equivalent to adding multiple locks to the safety of the delivery of the pregnant women, which makes the post-80s mothers feel satisfied.

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