Lateral episiotomy is one of the commonly used midwifery procedures in obstetrics, and if not handled properly, it can cause wound pain. According to the investigation, it is quite common for patients undergoing lateral episiotomy to experience local tenderness and early postpartum sexual pain, which is caused by tight suturing of the episiotomy wound or infiltration of the local wound.

(1) The most common type of pain is the scar caused by lateral episiotomy, especially during sexual intercourse, which can last for several weeks. Treatment can include physical therapy, hot compress, hot sitz bath, or lubricant application.

(2) Pain caused by poor perineal suture or infection or opening of the wound. Conservative treatment for this type of pain is not effective and often requires further surgery to correct it.

(3) Sometimes perineal scar tenderness is caused by local neuralgia, and can be treated with corticosteroid plus local infiltration anesthesia. If the suture is too tight, vaginal opening dilation or vaginal scar dilation may be performed if necessary.

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