“Whether the coming delivery time can go smoothly” is the most concerned topic of expectant mothers. In fact, there are three aspects that we must pay attention to if we want to have a smooth birth, and now it seems that if we grasp these three aspects, it will play an important role in the smooth birth.

Successful delivery! What works?

First, weight control during pregnancy

Previous pregnant mothers were worried about whether the nutrition during pregnancy was adequate and whether their babies could provide what they needed, but now this is a meaningless worry. Most babies are not malnourished, but they are well nourished. Pregnant mothers are protected by their families from the beginning of pregnancy, and eat various nutrients, and lack of exercise. It is easy to gain too much weight, resulting in abdominal treasure. Bao was so big that he had to give birth by caesarean section.

So I monitored my weight very early. The goal was to control the weight gain during pregnancy at 12-15 kg. This growth indicator was set in combination with expert advice and personal health.

Experts’opinions: The ideal weight of pregnancy should be increased by 2 kg within 3 months of early pregnancy, 5 kg in 3-6 months of mid-pregnancy or 7-9 months of late pregnancy, and a total of 12 kg before and after pregnancy is appropriate. If the whole pregnancy is increased by more than 20 kilograms, it is possible to make the baby grow too big. But I’m tall and big, which means that my baby will be a little bigger, probably exceeding the ideal standard, so I set myself a little looser goals.

Early pregnancy weight management is relatively easy, there will be early pregnancy reaction in this period of weight loss a few kilograms, there is no response to fat where to go, the key is the management and control of the middle and late stages.

During the stable period after the reaction of early pregnancy, the expectant mother finally regained her appetite and felt that everything was delicious. If the diet was unreasonable or the dietary habits were not good, the nutritional intake would be unbalanced, and the weight would be overweight inadvertently.

Mothers in the third trimester usually begin to wait for delivery, or the amount of work and activity is not much, the rhythm of life changes, easy to gain weight, which is a period of rapid growth. My own experience is also in the last period of weight growth is very fast, once a week on more than 2 kg.

Fortunately, there must be a weighing item in every hospital maternity check-up. The growth of this data is very important for the weight management during pregnancy. In the later stage of pregnancy, the average weight gain is 300 grams per week, not more than 500 grams at most.

Usually around 34 weeks, hospitals require older doctors to do pelvic measurements for pregnant women. This measurement, combined with the touch of the shape and size of the abdominal fetus and the estimation of the fetal weight, can determine whether a pregnant woman can give birth naturally smoothly. If doctors believe that the baby’s weight will exceed 4 kilograms (medically called a giant baby), the mother’s difficult birth rate will be high. With a large increase, it is generally recommended that pregnant women give birth by caesarean section.


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