Vertical delivery makes women less painful

A large number of archaeological data have proved that vertical delivery is the traditional delivery method in ancient times. A relief in Egypt’s pharaoh’s palace depicts Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt, kneeling, surrounded by five women, one of whom is delivering a baby. Among the ancient Babylonian cultural relics excavated by archaeology, a special chair for delivery has been verified to have a history of 2000 years.

And lying childbirth has only appeared in the past two hundred years. It is said that this “fashion” began in France when Louis XIV was in power. One day, Louis XIV had a sudden impulse to see how his mistress gave birth. In order to make the king see more clearly, the pregnant woman was placed on the bed. Perhaps it was Wang Xin’s great delight that Louis XIV later issued an order that only women who were lying in childbirth could be delivered. Horizontal delivery has become popular, but this passive delivery method is only beneficial to curious bystanders and lazy doctors. This position is convenient for doctors to pull out the baby with surgical forceps or take painless delivery.

In Russia, Nina Kuznetsova, director of obstetrics at Moscow Fourth Maternity Hospital, was the first person to formally deliver a baby with vertical delivery method. She recalled: “When delivering a baby, I knelt for three hours in front of the mother. Sometimes I felt that I was going to die of fatigue. Since then, I have delivered hundreds of women by using the vertical delivery method. Some women used the horizontal position when giving birth for the first time, and asked to use the vertical position the second time. They said it was much easier.”


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