The due date is approaching, and Zhenzhen has been restless these days. Every nerve has become particularly sensitive, and if there is any abnormality, she is so nervous that she thinks the baby is about to start. I have sorted out the contents of the waiting bag several times, but I always worry about missing something; I can’t eat during the day and can’t sleep at night. This anxious mood has always troubled Zhenzhen, and her husband is helpless on the side.

In fact, many pregnant mothers have symptoms of prenatal anxiety, and it is not difficult to alleviate these anxieties. What pregnant mothers need to do is to understand childbirth and prepare for it in advance. Below, I will share three tips for expectant mothers to deliver more smoothly and quickly.

1、 Relax before childbirth, sleep well, and reserve energy

As the due date approached, Zhenzhen thought she was about to give birth and began to worry early on. In fact, the due date was only the expected time, and only about 5% of people could give birth on the day of the due date. Many people gave birth early or later. Anxiety starts before the due date, so if you only give birth one week after the due date, how long will it take to be anxious? By then, people will be almost devastated by anxiety.

It is very important to have a good sleep before childbirth. Pregnant mothers should know that sleeping well and feeling relaxed are more conducive to childbirth and the health of their babies. Pregnant mothers can use uterine contractions as a precursor to arousal, rather than starting to worry before the due date. Before uterine contractions, they should eat and sleep as soon as they are full. Once they have eaten and slept well, they have the energy and physical strength to respond whenever they start, right?

2、 Prepare a ready delivery bag and replenish energy promptly during delivery

Prepare the delivery bag in advance so that the pregnant mother is not in a hurry when it starts, and the mind can also be calm before delivery. Have you prepared everything in the delivery bag? Check again near the due date and quickly make up for any missing items.

When uterine contractions begin, which means entering the first stage of labor, the length of the first stage of labor is related to factors such as fetal size, pelvis, primiparous or multiparous women. Generally, primiparous women spend more than 5-10 hours in the first stage of labor.

When a pregnant mother is about to enter the second stage of labor, uterine contractions become frequent, pain increases, and physical energy consumption increases. To ensure sufficient physical strength to complete childbirth, pregnant mothers need to replenish their energy. For example, chocolates, red cows, etc. can be prepared in advance in the delivery bag.

3、 Follow the command, don’t shout, don’t exert force

When a woman gives birth in a TV drama, she usually shouts loudly. In reality, many pregnant mothers also shout and vent like this during childbirth. In fact, this approach is not wise. Yelling not only makes your mouth dry, but also accelerates the consumption of physical energy, which is not conducive to production.

In addition, during the first stage of labor, if a pregnant mother excessively holds her breath and exerts force, it can lead to premature exhaustion of physical strength, resulting in a lack of strength when it is truly necessary to exert force later on. Some pregnant mothers still hold their breath and exert force when the head of the fetus is about to be delivered. This can indeed accelerate the delivery of the fetus, but the force cannot be controlled. Once the fetus is delivered too quickly, it can cause the perineum to tear.

In short, pregnant mothers should follow the instructions of the midwife during childbirth, hold back when it’s time, inhale when it’s time, and then apply more force when it’s time, in order to complete the delivery faster and more smoothly.


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