Mother: My due date is December 6, but my mother-in-law calculates the time of birth for the baby and has a caesarean section on November 21, which is helpful to the family business and the future of the baby. But two or three weeks ahead of schedule, I’m worried. Is it good or bad to go?

According to statistics, at present 70% of mothers-to-be will choose caesarean section, the people choose caesarean section for many reasons, in addition to medical, other than just to see the time, fear of pain, maintain the body and so on. But nowadays, many couples give birth by caesarean section in order to get a good eight characters. On this point, Yue Yuncao has several opinions.

1, the prediction of numerology is based on the time of birth. So the prediction method for children who have a spontaneous labor or caesarean section is the same. People, from the moment of the birth of the womb, once suffered the information of five rows of fire, soil, and Jinshui wood. So, here’s to reiterate: The same way to predict the fate of a child born by cesarean section is true, no difference.

2. Many people have doubts that the artificial choice of caesarean section is against the law? Maybe it is harmful to the naturalist because it reveals his natural mechanism? Don’t exaggerate the role of the naturalist too much. People, when and what kind of children they have, are all messages that parents were destined to carry in their children’s lives, and are not altered by the presence of a mathematician. The presenting of the numerologist is merely a slight reinforcement of the inherent information and a hint of the child’s parents’thoughts. The reinforcement of this information only works for the parents who believe in numerology.

3, people do not calculate well. Even if a life scientist chooses a caesarean section, it’s not always the right time to be born. I’ve been through a lot of things: choosing the right time, choosing the right time, choosing the right time, choosing the right time, choosing the wrong time, choosing the wrong time, and choosing the wrong time to stop the operation because of all the unexpected factors in the hospital – the appointed master knife doctor was late for an emergency, and suddenly adding it at the same time. Many surgical patients are delayed and pregnant women are suddenly delivered at the time of choice. How to explain this phenomenon? Perhaps, the couple did not practice enough and had no luck in their life. That’s all.

4. The first thing a mathematician should do when choosing a caesarean section is to investigate all the parents of a child, and the focus of the investigation is on the parents’moral character. Good character and talent, the child’s birth will often be born according to the time chosen by the numerate. Therefore, parents with good moral character, even if they do not seek a biologist to choose the time of caesarean section, will also give birth at a comparable time; bad moral character, even if people choose a seemingly good time, is not necessarily born at the time of choice. This is fate.

5. In addition, 37 weeks of pregnancy before full term, less than 37 weeks on the birth of the baby is called premature, if born in 32 weeks to 37 weeks, it is called late premature. Premature infants have immature organs and high mortality. Even premature infants near full term are more likely to suffer from respiratory distress, feeding difficulties, hypoglycemia, neonatal jaundice, temperature instability, apnea, and other diseases. They are often hospitalized for examination, with hyperactivity, delayed development, special education and repeat birth rate. The case is also higher.

Therefore, Yue Yuncao suggests that pregnant women should not take selective caesarean section before 39 weeks of pregnancy, without medical reasons, to avoid serious complications in the infant, especially respiratory diseases.


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