Hypnotic delivery includes: breathing exercises, spreading the attention of the lying in women, guiding assumptions, and midwifery techniques, so that the lying in women can be absolutely relaxed physically and mentally during delivery. So what are the benefits of hypnotic childbirth?

1. Because in the hypnotic delivery, the association training that is not available in other delivery preparation education is introduced, which can make the muscles of pregnant women show relaxation effect, and let the body and spirit get absolute relaxation, so as to ease the pain during delivery.

2. Pregnant women will receive the education of divine spirit delivery preparation before delivery, and during pregnancy, they will be prepared for natural delivery through reasonable living habits, so they do not need special equipment or drugs during delivery.

3. In fact, hypnotic delivery is not a delivery method that can overcome labor pains, but a process that runs through pregnancy, delivery, breast milk, lactation and child rearing. It is a general delivery method with strong meaning of prenatal education.

4. In the hypnotic childbirth, yoga is also introduced, because it is easy to understand and master.

5. It can also use the maternal love of pregnant women to stimulate their sincere gratitude for babies and confidence in childbirth.

6. Under the cognitive body before sleep, fully relax or contract the ovary. Because the time required for hypnotic delivery is longer, the sense of fatigue is relatively impaired.

7. During hypnotic delivery, the birth canal of pregnant women can be fully relaxed, so the fetus can pass through the birth canal more easily.


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