Maybe you’ve made up your mind that no matter how painful it is, you should have your own baby. So tell you something about childbirth that will make you less painful. Would you like to try it?

With the continuous progress of science and technology, there are more and more ways to relieve labor pain. Here we collect 10 hospitals in 5 big cities in the country, and help mothers-to-be collect 7 kinds of easy delivery methods, hoping to make your delivery more smoothly!

Seven modes of delivery make you fall in love with childbirth

Doula childbirth

Delivery is a natural process of human reproduction, but according to relevant data, 95% of women have strong fear and loneliness during childbirth, while almost 100% of women want to be accompanied by others during childbirth. So in 1996, a new mode of delivery appeared in the United States – Doula accompanied delivery. The so-called “Doula Accompaniment” refers to the employment of a professional with productive experience and rich obstetric knowledge to accompany the whole process of childbirth, and to provide timely psychological and physiological expertise. These professionals are called “Doula”.

Delivery can generally be divided into three stages: waiting period, delivery period and postpartum observation period. From the moment the puerpera stays in hospital waiting for delivery, Doula will accompany her, introduce the physiological characteristics of childbirth to the puerpera, eliminate the fear of the puerpera and carefully observe the various situations of the puerpera, so as to inform the doctor to deal with them in time. At the same time, maternal food is encouraged to explain the problems raised by the maternal and family members.

In the delivery period, Doula first introduces the basic information of the pregnant woman to the obstetrician, and assists the doctor in all kinds of preparations. Guidance and encouragement in the maternal side how to properly exert force, wipe the sweat for the maternal, and constantly give the maternal psychological support. During the contraction interval, the mother should be fed with water and food to help her maintain her physical strength.

During the postpartum observation period, Doula will accompany the puerpera to return to the ward for two hours of maternal and infant health observation to guide the puerpera and infant to contact skin in time.

Advantages of Doula Accompaniment: Because Doula is performed by obstetricians, who have many years of experience in delivery and professional medical knowledge, the most important thing in the whole process of accompanying is to find and deal with all kinds of maternal situations in time. Therefore, the accompanying of Doula with family members is more professional and can guarantee the safety of mothers and infants to a greater extent.

Doula can build up maternal self-confidence very well. More importantly, the professional guidance of Doula can shorten the whole process of labor and make mothers and babies healthier.

At present, the hospitals that can provide Doula accompanying delivery are: Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Beijing Maternal and Obstetric Hospital, Beijing Haidian Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Shanghai International Peace Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Shanghai Changning District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Dalian Maternal and Obstetrical Hospital, Dalian Shahekou District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Guangdong Province Maternal and Child Health Hospital.


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