In recent years, cesarean section has remained high, and some hospitals have risen to more than 70%. Over time, the ability of doctors to deal with dystocia and vaginal midwifery will inevitably decline. Cause analysis of the increase of cesarean section rate in some hospitals in Beijing only:

1. Lack of strict indication of cesarean section.

The basic skills of observation and treatment of vaginal delivery by doctors in some hospitals are not solid enough, which causes fear of vaginal delivery. They believe that cesarean section is safer and that if there is a slight discomfort in the observation of labor process, the patient will be given cesarean section.

2. Medical staff are more aware of medical risks and have more concerns about medical disputes. They think that cesarean section is relatively “safe”.

Due to the extensive development and improvement of cesarean section technology, most obstetricians can master cesarean section technology more skillfully. With the increasing safety factor of cesarean section technology and the widespread use of antibiotics, the risk of cesarean section is also reduced.

3. Because fetal heart rate monitoring has been widely used in obstetrics, and the false positive rate of fetal distress diagnosis has also increased. In order to protect the fetus, the indications of cesarean section have been relaxed.

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