1. Lower immunity in caesarean section

It is reported that in the same caesarean section, the immunity of male infants is easier to decline than that of female infants. Obstetricians sampled the venous blood of 63 female infants and 69 male infants, and compared the immunoglobulins. There were 68 cases of spontaneous delivery and 64 cases of cesarean section.

The results showed that there was little difference in immunity between male and female infants born naturally; Compared with natural delivery, the immunity and anti infection ability of newborns delivered by caesarean section are relatively poor, which is more prominent in male infants.

Experts explained that the genes that control immunoglobulin synthesis (mainly used to increase human immunity) are located in the X chromosome of the human body, and women have one more chromosome than men. Therefore, the immunity of female infants is stronger than that of male infants.

  2. Caesarean section increases the number of babies with “wet lung disease”

Over the past five years, the number of newborn babies admitted to intensive care units due to “wet lung disease” has doubled. The results of the study show that more than 70% of the patients were born by caesarean section. The mother delivered by caesarean section without pain, or the babies born prematurely have a higher risk of suffering from severe wet lung disease, which can lead to death. Doctors call on pregnant women to give birth naturally through the birth canal first, and avoid caesarean section for personal preference or convenience, otherwise it will affect the baby’s health.

A study found that in the past five years, the number of cases of transient dyspnea of newborn infants, also known as “wet lung disease”, requiring admission to the intensive care unit (ICU) for newborn infants of Mary Hospital has more than doubled, from 20 in 2002 to 43 last year. Among the 155 infants with severe wet lung syndrome, 71% were delivered by caesarean section, so that the infants could not remove the hydrops in their lungs by themselves. Among them, 45% were delivered by caesarean section before the onset of labor pain. On average, caesarean section was performed at about 37 weeks.

Data show that the number of cases admitted to ICU due to wet lung disease is on the rise every year, which is related to more and more pregnant women choosing caesarean section. In the study, only 14% of the infants were born by caesarean section for non-medical needs. Experts call on prospective parents to choose natural delivery through the birth canal first, and avoid caesarean section due to external factors such as preference, choice of date or even reservation of bed.

She said that the baby needs some preparation time before birth, so that the baby’s lungs have enough conditions to absorb part of the fetal water in the lungs; In addition, maternal uterine contraction and vaginal birth can help infants squeeze water out of the lungs.


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