I have received a child who is 8 years old, but is too clumsy to wear shoes and laces, and my homework is crooked, even the answers on the exam can be written in the blank time of the next question, and the results have been poor. Parents are thoroughly troubled about this. Finally, they take their children to see it at the reminder of others. The result shows that it is indeed a sensory disorder. The child was later found to be a Caesarean child.

Pediatric experts told reporters, “At present, the medical profession believes that if a child is delivered by Caesarean section, because the birth canal is not squeezed, it often lacks some necessary sensory stimulation, resulting in children prone to emotional sensitivity, inattention, clumsy hands and feet, and even feelings. The perception and dysfunction rate is also higher than that of the average child.

Therefore, experts recommend that mothers give birth as naturally as possible when they can. Caesarean section babies not only have the above problems, but also have the following hidden dangers.

Hidden danger 1: The immunity of caesarean boys is lower

According to the Health Times, male babies are more likely to suffer from immune decline than female babies during the same caesarean section.

Does Caesarean section really have different effects on infants of different sexes?

Obstetricians took venous blood samples from 63 newborn girls and 69 male infants and compared the immunoglobulins.

Among them, 68 cases were spontaneous delivery and 64 cases were cesarean section. The study shows that there is little difference in immunity between boys and girls born naturally; compared with natural childbirth, the immunity and anti-infection ability of newborns born by caesarean section are relatively poor, which is more prominent in boys.

Experts explained that the genes that control the synthesis of immunoglobulin (mainly used to increase human immunity) are located on the human X chromosome, which is one more chromosome in women than in men, so that the immunity of female infants is stronger than that of male infants.


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