In recent years, cesarean section is still high, and some hospitals have increased to more than 70%. Over time, it is bound to make doctors’ ability to deal with dystocia and vaginal midwifery decline. Analysis of the reasons for the increase of cesarean section rate in some hospitals in Beijing only:

1. The indication of cesarean section is not strictly controlled.

The basic skills of observation and treatment of vaginal delivery in some hospitals are not solid enough, resulting in the fear of vaginal delivery. It is considered that cesarean section is safer. If there is a slight irregularity in the observation of delivery process, cesarean section is carried out for patients.

2. Medical staff are more aware of medical risks and have more concerns about medical disputes. They believe that cesarean section is relatively “safe”. With the development and improvement of cesarean section technology, most obstetricians can master cesarean section technology skillfully. With the increasing safety factor of cesarean section and the wide use of antibiotics, the risk of cesarean section is also reduced.

3. Because fetal heart rate monitoring is widely used in obstetrics, the false-positive rate of fetal distress diagnosis is also increased. In order to protect the fetus, the indications of cesarean section are relaxed.

4. The individualized service of prenatal care is insufficient. Most hospitals do not set up special nutrition consultation clinic during pregnancy. Some parturients and their families blindly believe that the bigger the fetus is, the better, resulting in the increasing incidence of huge fetus. In order to avoid the occurrence of dystocia, resulting in the increase of cesarean section rate, and also reducing the chance of vaginal delivery.

5. The proportion of “social factors” is on the rise. Main reasons: many people in the society think that cesarean section is safer or can keep the female body shape and require cesarean section; in addition, the publicity of social, media and medical personnel on vaginal delivery is not enough, so that the pregnant women do not really realize the benefits of vaginal delivery.

6. Patients with maternity insurance take too much account of economic factors: for example, if the vaginal trial is not successful, and then cesarean section is performed, the cost of the whole hospitalization will greatly increase, some patients will exceed the payment standard of maternity insurance, and the Department will bear the excess cost. In order to reduce the proportion of these patients, some doctors relaxed the indication of cesarean section.

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