Tightly Zhang gave birth to the baby, and finally the whole person was free, feeling like a hard battle is over, many new mothers are tired of sleeping. In fact, in a short period of one hour after delivery, the maternal body has undergone a variety of astonishing changes, this is also the most critical period to restore slim postpartum figure. Do you know all this new knowledge of mummy?

Change one: lose weight about 10 jin.

Female in pregnancy, a variety of supplements, unavoidable weight gain, many very thin pre-pregnancy expectant mothers suddenly increased dozens of pounds. But after delivery, your weight will drop about 10 pounds.

The weight of these 10 jin mainly comes from:

Baby weight: 6-7 Jin;

Placental weight: 1-2 Jin;

Blood and amniotic fluid: about 2 Jin;

Over time, your mother’s weight will continue to decrease, and the excess water stored in your cells during pregnancy, as well as the fluid produced by the extra blood in your body during pregnancy, will gradually drain out of the body. By the week after delivery, you will lose nearly 3-4 pounds of water.

[warm reminder]

Some beauty-loving pregnant mothers are eager to lose weight after their babies have finished their lives. It should be reminded that the first task during the month is to keep fit and provide enough milk for their babies.

Change two: wait for the placenta to fall off automatically to the top.

Did you make it? Just give birth is not all right, but also wait for the placenta to fall out of the body automatically before the completion of the matter, otherwise it will be prone to puerperal infection, uterine involution incomplete, late postpartum hemorrhage, and so on, but also to do uterine clearance surgery. Therefore, mothers must wait until the placenta falls off.

[warm reminder]

About five to two hours after delivery, the placenta falls off and forms a palm-sized wound in the uterus. Of course, the soft tissue will bleed, about 300 milliliters. And the blood is stored during pregnancy, will not cause any adverse effects on the body, so there is no need to worry about the expectant mother.

Change three: rapid contraction of uterus

After delivery, the uterus contracted from its original bulge, a huge change. After the height of the uterine fundus, will drop 1-2 centimeters a day, about 10-14 days after delivery, the uterus smaller, into the small pelvic cavity. At this point, the bottom of the uterus can’t be touched in the abdomen.

[warm reminder]:

For puerpera, the recovery of the uterus is good or bad, you need to be able to infer through the descent of the uterine fundus. Generally speaking, postpartum uterus needs about 6-8 weeks to return to its original size, this process is “uterine contraction”. Therefore, every woman should be examined in obstetrics for about 42 days to understand the condition of uterine contraction.

Change four: the body becomes weak and weak from strength.

Every pregnant mother is a holy fighter, especially when she reproduces, she feels like an ox, but when she unloads, she feels empty, weak, numb, dazed, etc. The change of the body is also very large.

[warm reminder]:

The new mothers who won the hard battle of childbirth can have a good rest for the time being, but this does not mean that you are a woman paper, no matter how good the body is, no matter how to sit or how to sit, everything should be restored to their postpartum body, do not let the moon sit down because of other objective reasons, pull down. It’s the root of the disease.

The problem is, how to care after delivery?

Next we will analyze the matters that should be paid attention to after childbirth.

First, pay attention to hygiene.

Pregnant women should change their underwear and bedsheets after childbirth. They should pay more attention to hand washing before and after lactation. Attention should be paid to the maintenance of the perineum, daily application of warm boiled water or 1:5000 potassium permanganate solution or cleaning the perineum and other places. For perineum wounds, apply 70% alcohol gauze to the wound, 1-2 times a day.

Two, keep enough sleep.

Maternal health after childbirth is very weak, need to rest enough time to restore vitality, if soon after childbirth to get out of bed to work, not only not conducive to recovery, but also may pull down the root of the disease. It is suggested that the first two days of postpartum rest should not be tired, 3-4 days after the only indoor to do a short period of light activities. Sleep at least 8 minutes a day, usually can lunch break, other heavy work to the family to do it.

Three. Bedridden posture should be correct.

Postpartum lochia need to be discharged, postpartum 3-7 days the most, if always supine, not only prone to uterine backward, causing low back pain, leucorrhea increased, lochia is not easy to discharge, it is recommended that lying-in and prone position lying posture.

Four. Protect your teeth.

Postpartum calcium is more likely to be a large number of loss, easy to lead to low back pain and joint pain, more likely to appear loose teeth vision loss. Therefore, postpartum calcium supplementation can reduce these symptoms. Often eat some animal liver, honey, carrots, yellow-green vegetables, can also take calcium chewable tablets to supplement calcium.

Five, keep ventilation in the room.

The older generation said that the moon can not be blown to the wind, which is actually wrong. Many pregnant women friends responded to me, because tight windows caused the baby to grow prickly heat and red dots. Here, the editor is responsible for telling you that the moon is to pay attention to indoor ventilation, can slightly open the window to allow air convection, pay attention not to let the baby against the wind on the line, in addition, the north in the haze area of babies temporarily do not open the window, indoor air purifier can be placed.


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