How many times can a woman give birth in her life? A 37 year old British woman has given birth to another baby, her 16th child. Let’s take a look at the largest family in Britain!

The Redford family in Lancashire, England, has a new daughter, who forms the largest family in Britain with nine sons and seven daughters. His wife said shortly after she retired and hoped to have another one as soon as possible.

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The Redford family live in the mockham area of Lancashire. Hugh, 37, gave birth to a healthy baby girl weighing 3.86kg on October 3 this year.

The couple like the feeling of having a happy family very much, so they don’t reject adding fresh blood. When Hugh came home from the hospital, he said to her husband Noel, “I hope to have another one as soon as possible.”

“I like being a mother. We are so lucky. Every time I see the children together, I feel very excited,” the Daily Mail quoted Hugh as saying on the 24th

For the Redford couple, in addition to the birth of their youngest daughter, another thing worth celebrating is that their eldest daughter Sophie gave birth to a daughter, and the couple “upgraded” to grandparents for the first time.

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