It is said that spontaneous labor is good for mothers and babies, and that they don’t need to be knives. Too naive, there is a great chance of getting a knife when it comes to labor. This knife is not cut on your belly, but cut in your privacy. Yin! Department!

Do you feel a faint pain in your private place, Ma? Anyway, you may really encounter this! Let’s not run away from fear, let the editor give you something about science.

WHY: why do we need to get a knife?

For the first time, the perineum is relatively tight and the perineal and vaginal extensibility is relatively poor. Especially the fetus is bigger, delivery is faster, may occur deep perineal laceration, and some may even affect postpartum urination and defecation. The lateral incision reduces the dilatation of the fetal head to the birth canal, which in fact protects the vaginal elasticity to a certain extent.

For a baby, lateral episiotomy can shorten the time he delivers, that is, shorten the time the fetal head is squeezed in the vaginal orifice, can reduce the occurrence of fetal hypoxia. In this case, a simple lateral episiotomy can greatly reduce the damage to both mothers-to-be and newborns.

_For expectant mothers undergoing lateral episiotomy, the vaginal orifice undergoes tremendous tension during childbirth. Lateral episiotomy concentrates this force on the wound of lateral episiotomy, thus reducing the pressure on other parts of the vagina and generally avoiding the occurrence of a second laceration. And the side cut wound is artificially cut, the edge is neat, the wound healing and appearance after suture are better than the irregular wound suture caused by self-laceration. So perineal side incision is more beneficial than disadvantages.


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