Ten problems of cesarean section

Compared with natural childbirth, cesarean section will be less painful and safer for the baby?

For a long time, we seem to have formed a misunderstanding, more and more people began to take the initiative to request cesarean section. In fact, this is not a normal mode of delivery. However, due to the delivery process, some factors can not be overcome, in order to ensure the safety of the mother and the baby, to avoid mother dystocia, cesarean section is still a good means.

Should we choose cesarean section?

What is cesarean section?

Cesarean section is a kind of operation, it is through surgical technology incision maternal abdomen and uterus, in order to take out the fetus. With the continuous progress of medical technology, the knife edge of this kind of operation is becoming smaller and smaller (from longitudinal incision to transverse incision), and the surgical complications are becoming fewer and fewer. Therefore, when natural childbirth brings danger to mother and child, they can implement cesarean section more calmly.

What reason should implement caesarean section?

30% – 35% is because the mother’s pelvis is too small and the fetus is too large, 5% is because of the fetal position. At the same time, fetal growth retardation, the mother suffering from severe pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome and other diseases, or the mother is an elderly woman, and it is the first time to give birth, these conditions also need cesarean section. In addition, even in the perinatal period after good tracking, there may be emergencies at the last moment! For example: cervical dilatation is not complete, abnormal labor process (dystocia), cephalopelvic disproportion; placenta previa can cause massive hemorrhage during childbirth; in the process of childbirth, fetal hypoxia, fetal heart rate is seriously abnormal, need to quickly end childbirth, can not be delivered smoothly through the vagina in a short time; mother in childbirth, long genital herpes, there will be the risk of virus transmission to the baby, at this time Cesarean section is needed immediately.


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