Normal embryos should be implanted in the mother’s uterine cavity in order to grow, if naughty babies for some reasons run out of the uterus implantation, such as fallopian tubes (the most common), ovaries and even abdominal cavity, it is called ectopic pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy. If pregnant women have the following symptoms, they should go to the hospital in time.

(1) Menstruation: Menstruation is delayed for about 6 weeks. At the same time, there were early pregnancy reactions, such as nausea, vomiting, sleepiness and so on. Pregnancy tests were positive.

(2) Abdominal pain: The incidence of abdominal pain is generally maintained at 95%. Early stage may have lower abdominal side pain; spastic lower abdominal pain, extremely intense, can make your face white, the whole body large cold sweat, this is caused by spastic contraction of the fallopian tube, can be relieved by itself in a moment; lower abdominal pain, such as tearing, with fecal feeling, this is caused by rupture of fallopian tube pregnancy bleeding.

(3) Vaginal bleeding: About 40 days after menopause, there may be a small amount of vaginal bleeding, mostly drip-like, dark brown, less volume, no more than menstrual volume.

(4) Diarrhea: Some patients with ectopic pregnancy also have diarrhea symptoms, which is caused by blood stimulation of the intestine in the abdominal cavity. If we do not pay attention to it and carefully analyze the condition, it is easy to be considered as indigestion or intestinal emergencies and delay timely medical treatment.

(5) syncope: may suddenly faint, wake up dizziness, dizziness; light only dizziness, dizziness. This is caused by more intraperitoneal hemorrhage, less blood supply to the brain and cerebral anemia. The syncope caused by ectopic pregnancy is easily mistaken for hypoglycemia.

(6) Pale face: in the short term, the face is bloodless, pale as paper, accompanied by dry mouth, palpitation, fear of cold and fatigue.

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