The heroic labor cost of those Post-70s and post-80s actresses


Post-70s actress

Luxury location: Beijing United Family Hospital

Luxury index: the bathroom has 15 square meters

Luxury level: ★★★★★

Although Li Yapeng said angrily that Faye Wong had a child at home, this should not be true. In another month or two, Faye Wong will give birth to her BB at harmony family, a famous noble hospital in Beijing. United Family Hospital, located in Jiangtai Road outside the East Fourth Ring Road of Beijing, has a hidden address. The interior decoration of the hospital is very luxurious. The environment is quiet, the nurses who come and go are soft spoken and smiling, the service attitude is first-class, and Bilingual Communication in English and Chinese is implemented.

Faye Wong’s delivery room is located on the second floor of the hospital, about thirty or forty square meters. About one meter into the door, a wide curtain covered the delivery room to ensure the privacy of pregnant women. It is different from the delivery room in an ordinary hospital. It is equipped with a sofa bed for relatives to rest, and the sofa bed cover is replaced at any time. The delivery bed is pedal type, and the height can be adjusted at any time to meet the requirements of pregnant women. The parturient stays in the delivery room until the child is born and leaves. The air in the delivery room is purified by air exchange equipment. The bathroom in the delivery room is also luxurious enough. It is about 15 square meters. Three days of natural birth, five days of caesarean section, and three days of normal discharge.

The price of this hospital is not cheap. Faye Wong chose the caesarean delivery package, and the consumption is 116501 yuan. Recommended reading: new mothers after 80 are popular. How much does it cost to have a child? Financial preparation in new mommy Parenting


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