The five most common misconceptions about natural childbirth

Although every pregnant mother knows clearly that natural delivery is better than caesarean section, they are still hesitant when it comes to delivery and may eventually choose caesarean section because of psychological problems such as fear or misunderstanding of natural delivery. Now let’s correct these misunderstandings.

Love Tips:

1. Prenatal examination should be done well, adverse factors during pregnancy should be found in time, and treatment should be corrected in time. Attention should be paid to adjusting the dietary structure so as to avoid excessive nutrition resulting in fetal enlargement and affecting the progress of labor.

2. Listen to the doctor’s advice more during delivery. Choose the appropriate mode of delivery. Do not make your own opinions in childbirth. You should obey the guidance of medical staff.

Misunderstanding 1:

Natural childbirth is not easy to recover. Because natural childbirth will change the pelvic structure, which affects the previous slender figure, and can not be restored for a long time after delivery.

Expert Correction: Natural childbirth not only does not endanger body shape, but also enhances the beauty of body shape.

One of the criteria for a woman’s body beauty is a full hip circumference. During vaginal delivery, the pelvic ligament is relaxed, making the pelvic circumference and hip circumference wider and fuller. New mothers should actively breastfeed after childbirth. Eat reasonably and keep exercising. They must be able to regain their body shape before pregnancy.

How to increase the probability of spontaneous delivery? In these cases, primipara need lateral incision of spontaneous delivery. Why does spontaneous cesarean section not affect the head shape?


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