According to the latest study in Taiwan, the risk of postpartum stroke in healthy women who request caesarean section on their own is 1.67 times higher than that of women who give birth naturally. Doctors remind that cesarean section has increased risk of postoperative thrombosis, wound infection, anesthesia may damage the nervous system and other issues, pregnant women unless there is a need for cesarean section indications, otherwise should not frequently request cesarean section.

The risk of cesarean section stroke is 1.67 times that of natural birth

According to Taiwan’s Dongsen news report, in October of pregnancy, whether to give birth naturally or to have a cesarean section often makes many pregnant women struggle before delivery. Now, I’m afraid this argument should also be taken into consideration. After six years, the health management center of the hospital affiliated to Taipei Medical University conducted a study on 987000 pregnant women with birth. It was found that more than 320000 of them had cesarean section, excluding abnormal fetal position and delayed delivery. It was found that the risk of stroke of healthy pregnant women who requested caesarean section within three months, six months and twelve months after delivery was 1.67 times higher than that of natural birth women.

In addition, surgery can increase blood reactive protein, affect coagulation function, increase the incidence of thrombosis, of course, the risk of stroke is also relatively high.

Doctors stressed that although the research is not absolute, there is a risk of thrombosis and wound infection in the operation, and anesthesia may also damage the nervous system. To have a natural birth or a cesarean section, pregnant women really need to think more about it.

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