The pain of childbirth, some people say, is like the pain of “breaking 12 ribs at the same time”.

During caesarean section, someone “wailed” all night after the anesthesia disappeared, and then began to bravely break through the difficulties. The pain of the first urine bubble, turning over, getting out of bed and cutting edge

However, there is also a kind of pain that is superior to both of them, that is, forward section!

▎ how painful is the antegrade section?

@Dear little horse: the process of life and its tragic! Shun to three fingers, pain to death, but the head can not fall, fetal heart rate is also falling, the doctor said to turn the section, and then signed to agree to go to the section. It’s not good to dissect a complete person. I dare not regenerate in my life!

@Xile CC: I broke the water first. At that time, I had no experience, so I didn’t go to the hospital directly. I also took a bath at home and cleaned up my things. As a result, I went to the hospital to check the amniotic fluid. If I want to have a proper birth, I will ask myself to have one. But I waited for one day and one night to open one finger, but the amniotic fluid was very low and very low, and then I took oxytocin in the afternoon, but I still didn’t move. Finally, it was converted to caesarean section.

@Mu Mu Ma: 41 weeks, to the hospital oxytocin, amniotic fluid broke, began to pain, 6:30 to 2 noon, or only opened two fingers. It was not until dark that the doctor came for internal examination. The doctor who took over said that my baby had a small bag on her head (which was compressed by contractions), and that her head couldn’t come down, and then said that my head was not weighed. After another hour, the doctor said that the bag on my baby’s head had become bigger and decided to dissect it. The pain after cesarean section, not to mention, baby healthy and healthy, all the pain is not white.

▎ it’s better to have a direct dissection than to have a direct dissection if you want to suffer from two crimes?

As the name implies, antegrade cesarean section refers to the transfer of the mode of delivery from antegrade to caesarean section. The parturient was originally in accordance with the indications of spontaneous delivery, but in the process of spontaneous delivery, there are some dangerous situations (such as uterine mouth does not open, uterine infection, fetal abnormalities, etc.) that have to be converted to caesarean section.

Some people will say, how painful it is to have a cesarean section. If you want to experience the pain of a smooth birth, you need to get another cut. It’s better to have a cesarean section at the beginning to save you a white pain. This may sound reasonable, but it is not so in medicine! Because there are several advantages between forward and direct dissection

Benefit 1: the newborn’s respiratory system develops better

On the whole, the fetus is full-term in the forward section, and the pregnant woman shows signs of delivery. The expectant mother has experienced pains. At this time, the fetus is also working hard. The amniotic fluid in the lung is discharged cleanly. Even after the caesarean section, the respiratory system will develop better than that of the direct caesarean section.

The direct caesarean section of the fetus does not have these experiences, so the development of the respiratory system is relatively poor.

Benefit 2: better recovery of uterus

The position of caesarean section is the isthmus of uterus, which is located at the junction between the uterus and the cervix. During the course of delivery, the isthmus will become longer and stretched and become a part of the soft birth canal after pain and contraction of the uterus. Meanwhile, the muscle wall will become thinner, which is called the formation of the lower segment of the uterus. If it is necessary to have a antegrade section at this time, a good formation of the lower end will be more conducive to caesarean section.

However, the lower end of the expectant mother in direct caesarean section is not so well formed.

Benefit 3: milk faster

From the point of view of breastfeeding, after the birth of new mothers, postpartum delivery is faster than direct caesarean section. Because the estrogen and progesterone in the body will change in the process of normal labor, promoting postpartum milk.

However, there is no such obvious change in direct caesarean section, which may affect postpartum delivery.

Although forward section is a thing that can’t be done, the maternal needs to suffer two sins, but this sin doesn’t suffer in vain, because it’s good for the baby, which can be regarded as a kind of comfort, after all, the baby is healthy and healthy!


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