Are expectant mothers who are about to have a baby already counting down their due date? I look forward to and fear the day of childbirth. I always hear people say that it hurts to give birth to a baby naturally. Pain is inevitable, but there are some ways to minimize the pain. Let’s take a look and learn.

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I. excessive uterine contraction

Excessive uterine contraction can be divided into two cases. One is coordinated uterine contraction, and the other is uncoordinated uterine contraction. When the uterine contraction is too strong, expectant mothers have unbearable pain, which is caused by stimulation such as stretching or tearing uterine muscle fibers and uterine blood vessels compression.

1. Coordinated uterine contraction

The rhythm, symmetry and polarity of uterine contraction are normal, but the uterine contractility is too strong and frequent. If the birth canal has no resistance, the cervix can be opened quickly in a short time, and the delivery can end in a short time. The total labor process is no more than 3 hours. This situation is called emergency labor. Mothers who have had a delivery experience have a greater chance of emergency labor.

2. Uncoordinated uterine contraction

Ankylosing uterine contraction is caused by external factors, such as ankylosing spasmodic contraction of the uterine myometrium above the inner mouth of the cervix caused by obstruction after delivery, improper use of oxytocin, or placental abruption.

Uterine spasmodic stenosis ring is a circular stenosis formed by the spasmodic uncoordinated contraction of a muscle in the uterine wall, which is not relaxed continuously. This kind of uterine contraction mostly occurs at the junction of the upper and lower segments of the uterus.

I suggest: too strong and too frequent uterine contraction can be prevented. Pregnant mothers who once had a history of emergency delivery, especially those whose baby’s head is first exposed at the first birth, should not go out and walk 1 ~ 2 weeks before the due date of delivery. At this time, it is best to be hospitalized in advance to avoid accidents. Prepare for delivery as soon as there are signs of labor.

The use of oxytocin and uterine contractile drugs requires special caution, and the use of such drugs can be avoided. In particular, expectant mothers who are sensitive to these drugs cannot use such drugs at will. After the baby is delivered, carefully check whether the mother’s birth canal is lacerated, and pay close attention to whether the baby has intracranial hemorrhage, so as to take measures as soon as possible.

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