The benefits of cesarean section avoid the pain of natural childbirth process. Compared with the complications and sequelae it brings to mother and infant, cesarean section can only be limited to remedial surgery for maternal and infant pathological factors. People who do not understand medical knowledge do not understand the anatomy of reproductive organs, nor do they understand the operation technology of artificial abortion, nor do they have regular medical equipment. They just act blindly and recklessly, resulting in incomplete abortion, uterine perforation, and even serious complications such as massive hemorrhage and intestinal rupture. If not rescued in time, life-threatening may occur.

Some women who have abortions without permission dare not speak up after they have a problem. They have to transfer to the hospital for treatment only when they are in critical condition. As a result, some people lose the chance of rescue and lose their lives in vain, while others cause serious sequelae and regret for life. For their own health and the happiness of the family, no matter what the circumstances, women after pregnancy must not find some people who do not understand the medical knowledge of abortion or self abortion, must go to the hospital for artificial abortion.

The first cause of uterine injury: pregnant for more than three times or more, some married women give birth to a daughter and want to have a son. They are reborn all their lives and become “super birth guerrillas”. You should know that every increase in pregnancy, the uterus will increase a risk, more than three consecutive pregnancies, the prevalence of the uterus will be significantly increased.

The second injury to the uterus: pregnant women with difficulty in childbirth or prolonged delivery period, excessive use of oxytocin leads to uterine rupture. Rupture of the uterine body or lower uterine segment during pregnancy or childbirth is called uterine rupture.

Uterine rupture is one of the serious obstetric complications, which often leads to maternal and infant death. Due to the birth canal, fetus, fetal position abnormalities, such as bone birth canal stenosis, macrosomia, hydrocephalus, neglected transverse position, etc., the decline of fetal presentation is blocked, and the uterus is strongly contracted. Uterine rupture is one of the most serious obstetric complications.

The third injury to the uterus: abortion. A woman should not have more than 3 miscarriages in her life and no more than 2 abortions within a year. Repeated artificial abortion in a short period of time is an important factor leading to uterine injury. Usually, doctors can’t see the uterine cavity during abortion operation, which is “blind operation”. There are a few cases of uterine injury or even perforation due to unclear uterine position and size before operation, inconsistent entry direction of instruments and uterine curvature, or excessive force. Or cause intrauterine infection, cervical or intrauterine adhesions, leading to secondary infertility. In a word, abortion has a lot of harm, even can appear “abortion syndrome”.


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