Entering the delivery room, most people focus on the expectant mothers, but do you know? When you’re in labor, it’s not the mother-to-be who’s trying. The baby in your belly is a smart little warrior, and you’re going to race through every minute of it. Then tell us about the warm moments when you’re in labor.


The first stage of delivery: cervical dilatation

The time needed to go through: 10-12 hours / primipara

What is baby doing?

Mother is working hard, don’t forget our baby is also oh ~ TA will make every effort to bravely fight with mother.

Two turns: after hearing the signal from my mother, the baby set off. Ta is smart enough to measure his head and his mother’s pelvis to see if he can get through. Oh, it doesn’t seem to work. Let’s start with a gorgeous turn. The baby is initially facing the side. When Ta’s head reaches the bottom of the pelvis, Ta slowly turns to face her back and completes the second turn.

What does mama do?

Don’t push blindly. Because when the baby is curled up to enter the birth canal through the mouth of the pelvis, if you do not exert the force properly, it will cause the baby to deviate, unable to find an exit.

To cooperate with respiration. This stage should be mainly abdominal breathing. Inhale, expand your abdomen, exhale, and contract your abdomen.


The second stage of childbirth: fetal delivery

The time needed to go through: 2-3 hours / primipara

What is baby doing?

Turn around third times. Pubic bones grow at the outlet of the pelvis, and the baby keeps his jaw tight, squeezing the hind brain out of the pubic bones first. Then the jaw goes out of the chest, slowly raising its head and sending the whole head out of the pelvis. The bottom-up rotation of the head rotates third times. The baby also uses the process of turning skillfully through the upper mouth around the width of the lower mouth before and after the width of the mother’s pelvis. At this time, the baby’s baby’s head can be seen from outside.

Turn around fourth times. To make it easier for your body to squeeze out, the baby will then make a fourth turn, rotating the entire body 90 degrees, head to side. Then one shoulder goes out first, the other shoulder comes out again. Then the whole body was delivered.

What does mama do?

I breathe according to the doctor’s instructions. When the head of the fetus is visible from the outside, the expectant mother should take a deep breath, then breathe out quickly, and raise her hips upwards, exerting force on the hips, not on the abdomen. When the fetus’s head is exposed, do not hold your breath or hold your breath. Breathe quickly according to the doctor’s request, so as to avoid perineal tears. When the fetus’s head is fully delivered, it can no longer exert itself, and the fetus can now rush out on its own.

Keep awake. Mothers-to-be are supposed to be extremely tired at the moment, but don’t fall asleep, be sure to stay awake.   


The third stage of childbirth: placental deliveries

The time needed to go through: 5-30 minutes / primipara

What is baby doing?

The baby has been born, carried away by doctors and nurses, examination, bathing, weight, measuring head circumference, etc.

What does mama do?

Although the revolution has succeeded, the mothers are tired and should rest well.

If you have the opportunity to hold your baby around, no matter how tired, do not miss this rare time, maybe there is no milk, but you can let the baby suck their breasts as soon as possible, which is very good for promoting milk and improving the feelings of mother and child.

Next, I would like to take a rest in the wards and wait until my body is safe.



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