Conceived in October, childbirth. Comparing the 10 stages of pregnancy, it takes only a few hours to give birth, which doesn’t seem so difficult, but it doesn’t.

Those who have been in labor have learned that the process of giving birth to children is complicated and painful. So, what is the experience of childbirth, what process needs to go through? This article will unveil the mystery of natural childbirth for you.

First, under what circumstances can the labor be delivered?

The position of the fetus is suitable: the most important point is that the fetal position must be correct. So what kind of fetal position is not conducive to spontaneous delivery? For example, transverse position, breech position is. Caesarean section is generally the choice for misplacement because of the high risk of spontaneous delivery, so the doctor will recommend that you choose caesarean section.

No umbilical cord around the neck or around the neck: In addition to the placenta to be straight, there is also a need to consider the umbilical cord situation. Generally speaking, no umbilical cord around the neck is the best, but a week around the neck can also be considered for spontaneous labor. However, when the umbilical cord around the neck more than 1 week, the umbilical cord is not long enough to easily strangle the baby’s neck, will cause asphyxia, for the safety of the baby or choose to rupture it.

Amniotic fluid volume is normal: amniotic fluid is the baby’s umbrella. When the water breaks, it means that the baby is coming out. But after the amniotic fluid breaks to baby delivery also needs a certain amount of time, if too little amniotic fluid, then will make the baby lack of lubrication, prolong the labor process, may be difficult to breathe, unsafe for the baby. So it is necessary to see if the amount of amniotic fluid is normal.

The fetus is not a huge baby: everyone wants to have a fat baby, but when the baby is overweight, it’s not a good thing for the mother and it’s a drag on the delivery. If the baby is too big, or the biparietal diameter of more than 100 mm, also more than the narrowest of the pelvic meridian width, then prone to dystocia, so the choice of caesarean section macrosomia safer.

No pregnancy-induced hypertension or other diseases: pregnancy-induced hypertension or other diseases affecting the natural delivery are not natural, natural delivery will increase the risk of adults and children, so prenatal examination is necessary.

Good attitude of expectant mothers: There is also a non-physical factor that needs to be taken into account, that is, the attitude of expectant mothers. Ordinary people are afraid of giving birth to a baby, but will try to tell themselves certain line, this situation is a good state of mind, to help the natural birth. However, some mothers-to-be with weak willpower, who see their babies as tigers, are too scared to do anything and have no courage to give birth. Even if their physical fitness meets the requirements of giving birth, they should also consider which mode of delivery to choose.

The first stage of labor — dilatation of the palace

Also known as the expansion of the palace. From the beginning of a regular interval of 5~6 minutes, the contraction of the cervix reached 10 centimeters. This process takes 11~12 hours for primiparas, and 6~8 hours for puerpera.

[warm reminder]

At the opening stage, try to avoid shouting and keep your strength.

Eat regularly, replenish enough nutrition, and retain physical strength to give birth to children.

_In the absence of medical indications for lying on your back, do not recommend lying on your back all the time, can walk, semi-seat, etc.

I urinate regularly, every 2~4 hours, so that the bladder is empty, so as not to impede the descent of the fetal head.

Husband accompanying childbirth can help pregnant women wipe sweat, massage, provide shoulder support, rely on; give encouragement, etc., is actually a kind of psychological companionship.

Sitting on the delivery ball helps to speed up the delivery process, relieve pain in the waist and vulva, ups and downs, swaying left and right. When a pregnant woman sits on the delivery ball, the husband can help the pregnant woman massage the waist.

No pain. The palace opens to three or four, oneself have the will, the body can not play painless medical indications, play painless when must cooperate, do not move, to avoid the failure of anesthesia. If you have opened to six or seven, there is no need to fight painless.

Second stage of labor — fetal delivery

Also known as fetal delivery period. From the complete expansion of the cervix to the delivery of the fetus. Primipara takes 1 to 2 hours. Menstruation usually takes a few minutes to complete, but there are also as long as 1 hour.

[warm reminder]

When the baby’s head is delivered, don’t push too hard, open your mouth and breathe. Cooperate with the midwives and follow their orders. When you hold your breath… Children’s head, shoulders and so on will slowly come out.

The feeling of defecation during uterine contraction. Take a deep breath during the contraction, keep down for 25-30 seconds, exhale and then breathe again. Continue a contraction for 2-3 times, then take a break and wait for the next contraction, and so on.

Third stage of labor – placental delivery

It is also known as the placenta expulsion phase. It takes 5~15 minutes from the delivery of the fetus to the delivery of the placenta, and it should not exceed 30 minutes. After the placenta is delivered, the doctor checks to see if there is any detached placental tissue left in the uterus. If this happens, the doctor needs to put his hand into the uterus and remove the placenta. This operation requires epidural anesthesia to relieve pain. After the placenta expulsion, check whether there is laceration in the birth canal and suture the wound.

How to handle placenta after childbirth is usually handled by professional medical personnel.

_Expectant mothers should not think that the child is finished, the placenta will be delivered, so that the entire delivery process is complete, therefore, in the process of placenta delivery should pay attention to, do not take it lightly.

If the delivery is incomplete or difficult, the pregnant mother should not worry about fear, relax, believe the doctor, with the help of the doctor delivery, the more nervous will be more painful.


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