Nowadays, many pregnant mothers have accepted some knowledge of gestation in various ways, and have their own views on the mode of delivery. For example, some pregnant mothers want to give birth by caesarean section if they don’t agree with each other, because they are worried about the influence of postpartum sex life; some say that they should stick to a natural birth, thinking that a natural birth can make their baby healthier. In fact, these are not unreasonable, but choose which delivery way, not you has the final say, the body has the final say!

First of all, let’s learn about spontaneous labor and caesarean section.

Advantages of spontaneous delivery:

1. For mothers: in the safe situation of mother and child, the benefits of natural delivery are often greater than that of cesarean section, such as rapid recovery after childbirth; cesarean section incision pain for a long time, and spontaneous delivery is not affected by pain, convenient feeding, and less postpartum hemorrhage.

2. To fetus: Natural childbirth makes the amniotic fluid in fetal lung pass through the obstetric canal and expel, the respiratory function is good, it is not easy to suffer from respiratory diseases, while the children born by cesarean section have relatively poor cerebellum development, poor balance, and need special training.

Advantages of caesarean section:

1, of course, caesarean section is not without benefit. Caesarean section is different from natural labor. The use of anesthetics can relieve pain effectively.

2. Caesarean section is still able to solve many diseases, such as fetal abnormalities or birth canal is too small and other problems, caesarean section can solve these problems very well.

3. If prospective mothers have uterine fibroids, reproductive diseases, cesarean section can be very good solution.

How to choose? The body has the final say!

1, choose according to their specific circumstances.

The condition of pregnant women themselves is one of the important conditions for deciding which mode of delivery to choose. Some pregnant women with weak constitution, narrow pelvis, pregnancy-induced hypertension or diabetes, it is better to use caesarean section to increase the probability of successful delivery. All normal pregnant women advocate the delivery mode of spontaneous labor.


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