Jinggang BB born, Huo family ushers in fourth generation grandson

At noon on the 27th, Huo Qigang reported on his microblog that Guo Jingjing had given birth to a baby, weighing 3.3kg, and the mother and son were safe and healthy.

Huo Qigang’s original microblog: Jingjing and I were born this morning, weighing 3.3kg. Mother and son are safe and healthy. We are very happy with the birth of our little life, and our family members are also very happy! Thank you very much for the care and care of the medical staff! We sincerely thank you for your care and blessing. We will send you photos later! I wish you a happy life and good health!

After Huo Qigang reported the happy news on Weibo, netizens sent blessing in succession. However, some netizens joked that the birthday of Jinggang Baobao was too special: “is this child born in Tianliang’s birthday, to commemorate that love, or do we think too much?” According to the date of her birthday, Guo Jingliang also had a love affair with Tian Jingliang.

It is believed that Guo Jingjing’s status in the Huo family will be more stable in the future. It is reported that the Huo family has rebuilt the 1000 foot baby room and expanded the children’s paradise to prepare for the fourth generation of eldest grandson.

Looking forward to the first photo of Jinggang BB

Since Guo Jingjing married into a wealthy family in 2012, it has been reported that she was married to Huo family because she was pregnant first, and she was “married with her son”, but there has been no follow-up since then. Since this year, the news about Jingjing’s pregnancy has never disappeared. It is estimated that even she could not count how many times she was “pregnant”.

As long as there are “flat shoes, loose clothes, wide sportswear, from time to time to cover the belly with hands, light makeup” and so on, Jingjing will be 100% innocent shot. Huo Tai Guo Jingjing, once the Diving Queen and now the daughter-in-law of a wealthy family, has such an identity that the media have to focus on her.

Earlier, Guo Jingjing announced that the expected date of delivery was on the 20th of this month, which triggered a media war and stayed in the hospital. However, no news was released yet, which made a lot of trouble. Just as we have been waiting for a long time, we finally welcome the good news. We hope that the new Huo parents will release the photos of the fourth eldest grandson of the Huo family as soon as possible, so as to satisfy the curiosity of the media and netizens.


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