Young people think that they are young and in good health, they often ignore their health, stay up late to work overtime, work hard and have fun. However, if you are ready to get pregnant, all these life must stop! During pregnancy, only bad habits can be changed, which may affect the DNA of children!

Eating habits

Many women of childbearing age always think that nutrition is a matter after pregnancy. However, before pregnancy, changes in eating habits and adjustment of nutritional status are very useful for pregnancy.

In addition, if the weight of the mother to be is too low, it will affect the fetal development and postpartum lactation. When preparing for pregnancy, we should pay attention not to over nutrition at the same time of ensuring nutrition, and do not over nutrition to avoid obesity.

A good diet is an important guarantee for the body reserve of women of childbearing age. Different foods contain different nutrients and contents. Therefore, we should pay attention not to overeat, or overeat some food, try to eat miscellaneous, to ensure a balanced and comprehensive nutrition.

Among them, the caffeine contained in coffee will change the proportion of estrogen and progesterone in women, thus indirectly inhibiting the implantation and development of fertilized eggs in the womb. Tea and chocolate also contain caffeine, so you should eat less.

In addition, pregnant women should pay attention not to eat all kinds of pickled pickles, because they are rich in nitrosamines that cause embryo distortion; cooking utensils should try to use iron pot or stainless steel products, avoid using aluminum products and color enamel products, to prevent aluminum and lead elements from injuring human cells; should avoid food pollution caused by various reasons, etc.

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