October pregnancy, mother and son heart to heart. I believe that every father and mother hope that the baby can come to this world healthily. Before the parents actively create people, we must understand and check whether they have gynecological inflammation. Because these gynecological diseases will affect the health of pregnant mothers and the healthy development of the baby. Before pregnancy, must drive away the following gynecological diseases, with the best quality of the body to meet the arrival of small life.

Gynecological disease 1: vaginitis

Speaking of vaginitis, I believe relatives are not unfamiliar, in urban life, it has become a familiar term. Because it is a common gynecological disease, and the incidence rate is high. Although this kind of inflammation is easier to treat and recover quickly, parents who have plans to create people should also pay attention to it. It will bring a lot of troubles to the pregnant mother and even affect the healthy growth of the fetus and baby.

Maybe you will wonder why you, who are always in good health, provoke it for nothing. In fact, part of the reason for vaginitis is from outside infection. For example, parents usually accidentally contact with infected public toilets, bathtubs, baths, towels, and use of unclean toilet paper may cause infection. Another reason may be that the vaginal pH is uneven due to the metabolites of the parents and the products of the bacteria themselves, and the antagonistic effect between the microorganisms is produced. In addition, sexual intercourse does not pay attention to hygiene, more serious inflammation.

These inflammatory infections, if not handled properly, without timely treatment, may occur infertility. If you don’t get rid of it before pregnancy, there may be stillbirth, miscarriage and stillbirth. Therefore, it is suggested that once the relatives know that they have inflammation, they should see a doctor as soon as possible, pay attention to hygiene, and actively treat them. It is suggested that parents should pay attention to prevention

1. After going to the toilet, wipe the vulva with clean toilet paper to keep the vulva dry to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

2. Do not bathe in the bathtub or pool of hotel or hotel when you are on business or traveling. Do not use the disinfected towel provided by the hotel to wipe the body. It is recommended to bring your own towel.

3. Pay attention to hygiene and cleaning before and after sexual intercourse.

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Page 1: eliminate vaginitis before pregnancy

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