520, taken from the Chinese transliteration “I love you”, because the beautiful meaning is given a new Valentine’s Day. Many young couples will choose to get their marriage certificate on this day. Naturally, there will be young couples who are ready to get pregnant. They want a loving baby as a witness and crystallization of love.

Are you fantasizing about how to do it well? Don’t worry, follow me and learn. Words and deeds must not fall.

Speech: Guide to Presentation

520 as a day of expression, how little sweet talk? Language is absolutely the beginning of all good, the meaning of the combination of words is so beautiful and full of poetry, it is difficult to think without moving. I roughly integrate the tender expressions of netizens for reference.

1) Life is full of tastes, because meeting you brings a little more sweetness.

2) With you, it seems that there is no name for happiness, anger or joy.

3) I don’t believe in love, but I believe in you.

4) I can’t tell you why I love you, but I know you are the reason why I don’t love others.

5) The first half of your life is wandering around, and the second half is making soup for you.

Of course, the ultimate expression is to say sincerely that I like you and I love you.

OK: Romantic Guide

1) Gifts to each other

To prepare gifts for each other on this day, of course, for girls, there is no lack of a bunch of roses symbolizing love and loyalty.

For boys, gifts are more realistic, so it’s OK to buy them according to their daily preferences and needs.

2) Come to a movie

In any Valentine’s Day, even on a daily date, a romantic movie is indispensable. At the same time, by the influence of film and television works, promote hormone secretion, can feel each other’s inner soft and warm full of love.

3) A candlelight dinner

Candlelight dinner, you can choose to do it yourself, you can also choose to go out to eat, dining out needs to choose a restaurant with a better environment, can be a local couple punch-in online red restaurant.

Choosing to set up a candlelit dinner at home by yourself takes a lot of effort from the host, but I think it is more sincere.

4) diy’s self-made commemoration

Now there are many DIY shops, from food to daily use, lovers can choose appropriate DIY projects, such as delicious food can choose cake, want to keep as a souvenir can choose ceramics, clay and so on.

5) Man-Making Program

Romantic for a whole day, then naturally need a baptism of love. Plans for creating human beings can also be put on the agenda, and young couples can learn about several gestational positions that couples can easily conceive when creating human beings.

1. Boys and girls

This is the most common form of love. The woman uses the position of lying on her back, which allows sperm to gather around the uterine mouth, shortens the distance of sperm and makes it easier to find eggs.

2. Shoulder-lapping posture

During sexual intercourse, women can put their feet on men’s shoulders, so that women’s lower body is in an inverted or inverted state, which will greatly reduce sperm loss, but also allow sperm to quickly enter the female body, increase the probability of pregnancy.

3. Back-in

This position allows sperm to move closer to the uterus, but sperm in this position is also more likely to lose. Once sexual intercourse is over, the woman should lie down immediately to avoid sperm loss.

4. By the Gravitation of the Earth

After sexual intercourse, women should not immediately get up and lie flat on the bed, so that their feet stand on the wall at the head of the bed, so that sperm can find the entrance to the uterus as soon as possible, so as to improve the hit rate.

Did you get something out of it? It’s better to take action than to have a pleasant 520.


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