Some people get pregnant easily, some people get pregnant but not easily. How can we make it easier? If the pre pregnancy check is successfully passed, it will depend on the efforts of both husband and wife. To do “homework”, we must master skills and find out the ovulation period. Everyone’s ovulation is different, pregnant sisters need to find their own rules, love more during ovulation, hit a higher percentage yo. As for the love posture circulated on the Internet, in fact, generally speaking, it is natural, the most important thing is to find the right time to ovulate.

First, ovulation varies from person to person.

From a scientific point of view, love during ovulation is more likely to be pregnant, but it does not mean that love during ovulation is bound to be pregnant. The key to pregnancy is to see the odds, the umbrella to catch the egg is to rely on luck, as long as the mother-to-be insisted on it. For expectant mothers with test paper at home, it is most appropriate to arrange sexual intercourse within six hours when the test is strong.

For both eggs and sperm, babies are healthier if they are at their best. So the expectant mothers in the timing of sexual intercourse, would rather catch early than late, the egg princess is more delicate, the prince of sperm guarding her is very easy to conceive, of course, not too early, the prince of sperm will also be aging.

Of course, there are some women after ovulation hormone changes will not be particularly rapid, if you do not do B ultrasound, do not know that they have ovulated. Therefore, women still need to settle down to identify their ovulation patterns.

Two, more love and high hit rate during ovulation.

Cher is a department manager of a listed company. She worked hard for her career in the years after her marriage, leaving the matter of having children behind. Now, at the age of 30, she is preparing to have a child to change the boring world of two people. In addition to giving up contraceptive measures, Cher also actively exercises and insists on exercising a week.

At the beginning of pregnancy, Cher and her husband’s weekly love frequency also increased, but two months later, the stomach still did not respond. So, Cher began to conscientiously study ovulation test, record their body temperature, and then judge their ovulation period according to the temperature cycle changes. At the same time, the ovulation test paper was prepared, so that the ovulation was tested.

After the quasi-ovulation period, Cher and her husband will certainly seize this good opportunity, and finally pregnant at the fifth month of pregnancy.

Three, love love posture, let nature take its course.

Among the various popular recipes for having children, many are related to the position of love between husband and wife. Does sexual intercourse really affect conception?

In theory, if you want to get pregnant, the man should ejaculate deep inside the vagina near the cervical orifice. There are many theories that a pillow under the buttock can help the sperm swim to the cervical orifice and increase the chance of entering the uterus. After the end of love and love, women lie at least half an hour flat, then rinse out with water.

Of course, in order to improve the quality of love, parents-to-be had better have a peaceful attitude, enjoy the life between husband and wife. If overly concerned about love and posture or other, it is easy to influence pregnancy because of pressure.

Pregnancy is a matter of two people, and husband should cooperate more. Might as well work out a good plan together, exercise together, regular daily life together, believe that husband and wife together, will be able to think things through, the baby will soon come to the belly.


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