In fact, many doctors do not even know that the effects of drugs taken within one month of pregnancy on the fetus are all or nothing. In other words, if the baby is affected, it will definitely miscarry. If there is no sign of miscarriage, the medication will have no effect on the fetus. The same is true for X-ray examination in early pregnancy.

I. I didn’t know I was pregnant until one month after chest X-ray

For Xiao Xu, there is no greater regret in life than this. Xiao Xu has been preparing for pregnancy for more than half a year. Last month, he suddenly became more appetizing and lazy. Just then, the unit organized another routine examination. The day before the examination, the person in charge of the unit kindly reminded that pregnant women should not undergo chest X-ray examination. At that time, Xiao Xu was not sure whether he was pregnant, so he wanted to finish the examination first, and then he didn’t do it for nothing.

However, her misfortune was due to her carelessness. Less than a month after the chest X-ray examination, Xiao Xu was diagnosed as pregnant. Both the husband and wife were delighted. But the joy was not over. Xiao Xu began to suffer from vaginal bleeding. He hurried to the hospital for a check. The fetus was still aborted after 7 weeks of pregnancy. Xiao Xu and her husband had a physical examination before they became pregnant, and no abnormalities were found. What was the reason?

After the doctor’s inquiry, Xiao Xu realized that it was the chest X-ray examination that caused the trouble. Chest X-ray belongs to X-ray examination, and X-ray may cause egg cells to be damaged and distorted, resulting in abortion, fetal death in utero and fetal malformation. There are many women in our life who have received X-ray examination before pregnancy, or who still carry out the examination even when they know that they are pregnant, thus causing fetal malformations, miscarriages, stillbirths, and even increasing the risk of cancer in children 10 years later.

In this regard, experts remind the majority of pregnant women that they have done chest X-ray, CT, molybdenum target (a kind of breast examination) and other X-ray examinations, and it is best to get pregnant after three months or six months.

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Page 1: one month after chest X-ray, I knew I was pregnant

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Page 3: after chest X-ray, it is better to get pregnant after three months


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