In order to have a healthy and lively baby, many parents-to-be will be ready during pregnancy. Men, for example, will quit drinking and smoking and exercise to improve sperm quality, while women will start supplementing folic acid.

In addition, what else should be paid special attention to by the expectant parents? Read this article together and you will know the answer!

Prepare for pregnancy.

Cold food such as crabs is not to be eaten.

I believe the aunts will tell us that they can’t eat cold food. But modern research has not found that there is a causal relationship between infertility and abortion. Moreover, it is a pity to give up some fruits and vegetables with high nutritional value and seafood when preparing for pregnancy. Moreover, the diversity of food is more beneficial to the balance of nutrition. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of being cool like a tiger.

Adequate vitamin supplements should be given during pregnancy.

Not the more, the better! For example, vitamin A. In fact, insufficient and excessive intake of vitamin A may lead to impaired fetal nervous system development, and even malformation. If the usual diet is not picky, there are sufficient sources of carotene, vitamin A (carrots, citrus, animal liver, etc.), the basic vitamin A will not be deficient. During pregnancy, if there is no doctor’s advice, there can be no additional supplement.

Calcium supplement for pregnancy

It is recommended to drink 300mL milk every day or take calcium supplements reasonably. It is recommended that women adjust their diet during pregnancy, drink milk every day or take calcium supplements according to doctor’s instructions to accumulate calcium. As long as your diet is normal, comply with the doctor’s advice, do not eat health products, is safe.

Uncooked food is not eaten.

It is advisable to take care of thorns, uncooked steaks, even pork brains and slices cooked tenderly in a hot pot. This is because these foods may be bacterial excess, more prone to diarrhea; in addition, the parasite problem should not be underestimated. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare for pregnancy, even during pregnancy, lactation, meat or processed to full cooked food.


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