For pregnant men, one of the tests is semen examination, which can clearly detect the sperm motility and quality of expectant fathers. Among them, about 40% of expectant fathers are infertile because of the low speed of sperm movement. Do you know all these spermicidal killers in life?

1. Reduction of sperm motility leading to infertility

Men’s sperm motility is an important factor in deciding whether a man can become a father smoothly. At present, in male infertility patients, about 20% of the patients are azoospermia, 30% are oligozoospermia, and nearly 40% of the patients are due to sperm lack of vitality. Generally speaking, the speed of sperm movement is less than 31 microns per second (half of which is less than 28 microns per second), which is called sperm inactivity. Some men in the prenatal examination found that semen examination seems normal, but neglected the low motility of sperm, will also lead to the failure of smooth pregnancy. So, what are the causes of sperm “running” slowly and unable to conceive?

1. Long-term abstinence.

Some pregnant couples mistakenly believe that long-term non-ejaculation can increase sperm density and the probability of successful conception. But in fact, on the contrary, long-term abstinence will cause more dead sperm and poor motility of sperm. Therefore, doctors recommend that semen should be inspected for 5-7 days.

2. Reproductive system infection.

If the reproductive system of the father-to-be is infected, it will lead to changes in seminal plasma composition, such as zinc, magnesium, citric acid, fructose reduction and changes in pH, which will affect sperm motility, thus affecting fertility.

3. Varicocele.

Expectant fathers sometimes have low sperm motility due to blood circulation disorders in testis and epididymis, local temperature rise and toxic substances accumulation. This is also one of the reasons why pregnant men refuse strenuous exercise and tights.

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Page 1: Reduction of sperm motility leading to infertility

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