Do not want to be pregnant so that the body will never return, it is necessary to work hard as soon as possible!

During the period of half a year to one year before pregnancy, a suitable pre pregnancy exercise plan should be formulated and implemented. It can not only help women recover their body after childbirth, but also improve the muscle quality and stability of joints, and protect the life safety of pregnant women and fetuses. At the same time, it can also reduce and avoid the incidence of pregnancy induced hypertension and diabetes, and even reduce the pain of childbirth, so as to help the puerpera to give birth smoothly.

Generally speaking, postpartum women’s body problems are mainly chest sagging, abdominal fat and stretch marks, back damage and hip sagging. In view of these problems, pregnant women can carry out targeted sports.

Chest training

Tightening and lifting the chest can better promote the recovery of postpartum morphology, improve lung capacity, enhance the ability of heart oxygen uptake and better maintain body posture.

Main attack direction: chest sagging

Representative Action: supine bird

Action tips: carry a heavy object and draw a semicircle on the chest with the arm as the radius. The shoulder blades fold back. Inhale and abduct, exhale and restore.


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