In fact, there has always been a consensus on the impact of high-temperature environments on sperm. High temperature has the greatest impact on the testicles, as it can kill some sperm. Especially for men in professions such as chefs and drivers, it is important to pay attention to heat dissipation in the summer, otherwise it can affect fertility. On the other hand, being hot and drinking less water can lead to more prostatitis.

Driving continuously for two hours affects sperm quality

We know that the testicles are the organs that produce sperm, and sperm must develop normally at a constant temperature of 35.5-36.5 ℃, which is 1-1.5 ℃ lower than normal body temperature. Clinical studies have shown that a considerable proportion of men with infertility are caused by testicular temperatures that are higher than normal, leading to azoospermia. High temperature environments, including saunas, are the natural enemies of sperm. The temperature in the sauna room is 70-80 ° C, with a minimum of 50 ° C. In such an environment, men are prone to symptoms such as dead sperm and weak sperm, which are one of the main causes of male infertility. According to data, the birthplace of saunas in the Netherlands and Japan has a high proportion of male infertility.

Chefs, drivers, and other high-risk groups need to pay more attention. A study has shown that driving continuously for two hours can affect sperm quality, which can last for about three weeks. Similar to behaviors such as sauna, such effects can be restored. Reproductive doctors suggest that men take a break after driving for about two hours and come out to move around to maintain normal sperm vitality.


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