Many couples make various preparations to prepare for pregnancy, including adjusting their schedules, adjusting their bodies, measuring ovulation period, and of course, adopting a more fertile position during sexual intercourse. Do you know which AA positions are most likely to conceive? If you want to conceive a baby quickly, of course, you need to achieve twice the result with half the effort. The world recognized best conception posture must be achieved!

Three globally recognized best pregnancy positions

According to the Life Times, medical experts from multiple countries around the world have conducted research and are generally recognized as having three positions: male up female down, lateral lying, and posterior position. The fundamental position that can help conception is to ensure that when sperm is ejaculated, it is as close to the female cervix as possible, allowing sperm to enter the female body faster and more frequently. A study conducted in the United States on 180 couples found that using a male partner and a female partner, while using a pillow to raise the buttocks, and avoiding standing up immediately after sexual intercourse can help achieve better and faster conception.

Two Best Pregnancy Positions Recommended by Experts

Wang Shanmi, Chief Physician of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Peking University People’s Hospital, recommended two optimal positions for conception in his book “Encyclopedia of Pregnancy, Obstetrics and Fetal Education”: knee flexion position and chest knee position.

Knee bending position: Women bend their legs and place their feet on the shoulders of men, which can expose the vagina and shorten its distance, allowing the penis to penetrate deeper. Meanwhile, due to the lower position of the posterior vaginal cavity, it can store ejaculated semen and prevent it from flowing back. In addition, women can also use a small pillow to slightly raise their buttocks and lie flat for a long time, which helps sperm swim towards the cervix and increases the chances of contact between sperm and eggs. After ejaculation, it is best to wait for the penis to become soft before pulling it out.

Chest knee position: Women kneel, lower their breasts, and raise their buttocks. Although the penis cannot penetrate deeply, the position of the vaginal cavity is lowered to store semen. When using this position, it is best for the woman to lie flat for 30 minutes after her husband ejaculates, which can help sperm enter the uterus more smoothly.

·Orgasm helps to conceive

Regardless of the position and posture, it is most important for both parties to feel comfortable and happy, as orgasm also helps with pregnancy. During orgasm, the female pelvic floor muscles will forcefully push and help sperm break through numerous obstacles and reach the cervix. At the same time, orgasm is also conducive to eugenics, because men ejaculate in sexual harmony and sperm motility is strong, which can minimize external damage during swimming and ensure sperm quality.

·Standing and sitting positions are the least likely to conceive

In addition to the most fertile positions, standing and sitting positions are the least likely to conceive because when using these two positions, the female reproductive organs droop, the vaginal opening opens, and most of the semen may flow out of the body with the withdrawal of the penis, reducing the chances of conception. Therefore, it is recommended that couples who have difficulty conceiving do not adopt these two positions.

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