To nurture a healthy baby requires you and him to have “high quality” sperm and eggs. Studies have shown that many foods have adverse effects on the quality of sperm and eggs. During pregnancy, the diet is very particular. The following dietary taboos should be known to the male side.

Women’s diet taboo


3 kinds of “contaminated” food

Avoid food containing food additives, pigments, preservatives, cooked food. Fruits should be washed before eating, so as to avoid pesticide residues. Fresh natural foods should be used as much as possible.


Foods containing caffeine

Mothers should not drink too much coffee, tea and other caffeinated beverages and foods. This is because caffeine, as a substance that can affect women’s physiological changes, can alter the proportion of estrogen and progesterone in the female body to a certain extent, thus indirectly inhibiting the implantation and development of fertilized eggs in the womb.


Pickled food

Although salted food is delicious, it contains nitrite, phenylpropylene pyrene and so on, which is very harmful to the mother’s body, will affect the implantation of the fetus, and even lead to fetal malformation.


Sensitized food

Sensitized food is likely to cause miscarriage, premature delivery, and fetal malformation. Therefore, caution should be taken during pregnancy.


High sugar food

If you eat high-sugar food frequently, it will often lead to glucose metabolism disorders, and even become a potential diabetic. If this habit is maintained after pregnancy, it will be more dangerous and prone to gestational diabetes. This will not only endanger the health of pregnant women themselves, but also cause fetal development or metabolic disorders in the mother, fetal hyperinsulinemia and macrosomia.

Men’s diet taboo



I believe you know something about the dangers of alcohol. Most of the pregnant men are prohibited from drinking. Alcohol itself is very easy to cause chromosomal abnormalities, and then deformity of the baby. In order to have a healthy and smart baby, expectant fathers should try to keep away from alcohol.



Husband loves smoking, we want a baby now, I told him to stop smoking, but he always said it’s okay, it won’t matter. Are you familiar with this?! For some old smokers, it may not be easy to give up, or at this time to bear, at least not at home, smoking in front of his wife.



Can you drink Coke during pregnancy? Actually, it’s better to drink less! Newlywed men drink Coke-type drinks, sperm will be directly killed, thus affecting the reproductive capacity of men. If the injured sperm is integrated with the egg, it may lead to fetal malformation or congenital deficiency.



A new study from the Harvard School of Public Health in the United States has once again made it clear that eating soy products every day can significantly reduce the number of men’s sperm. Believe it or not, anyway, don’t eat too much. That’s fine.


High protein meat food

Although sperm production requires high-quality protein, expectant fathers who overeat protein-rich foods during pregnancy, do not pay attention to vitamin supplements, and are prone to acidity, at this time, expectant mothers are less likely to conceive.


Fried food

Potato chips, fried cakes and other foods are not only difficult to digest, but also contain carcinogenic substances, affecting health. Eating too much of these foods can easily lead to obesity, which may affect male sexual erectile dysfunction. Therefore, we should also eat carefully fried foods.


Mouldy food

When food, oil, peanuts, beans, meat, fish and other mildew occurs, a large number of pathogens and aflatoxins will be produced.


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