For every couple, it’s a big event in their life to have a next generation. It’s a “business” for them to run together. This requires them to be fully prepared. It’s not enough to have good physical and material conditions, but also sufficient psychological preparation. In my opinion, although most pre pregnancy couples welcome the arrival of a new life with joy, they may be at a loss due to lack of pregnancy and childbearing experience and worry too much about pregnancy. In my opinion, as long as we master three points before pregnancy, the process of pregnancy will become an unforgettable and happy memory for pregnant mothers.

Set up the idea that boys and girls are all the same

For this point, not only the pregnant mother himself before pregnancy to have the correct familiarity, but also should become the resonance of all members of the family. We should know that the problem of giving birth to boys and girls mainly depends on the karyotype of sperm, not the egg. Therefore, family members of pregnant mothers should never instill in pregnant mothers the idea that they don’t like their daughters before they get pregnant. In particular, the elderly of the older generation should not have the idea of “son preference”, but should give more encouragement and care to their children to relieve the worries of pregnant mothers. If there is family pressure to give birth to boys and girls, pregnant mothers will worry about their children’s gender consciously or unconsciously before they get pregnant. With such concerns, then the psychological burden before pregnancy will not be small, which is certainly not good for eugenics. If you can have the same mental preparation for giving birth to both boys and girls, you can relax and no longer have ideological burden, which is of great benefit to eugenics. Fathers to be can do “ideological work” with the elderly and talk more about the benefits of having boys and girls. Pregnant mothers should not care about the gender of their children before and during pregnancy, but about their children’s health. Read more books that are good for parenting and distract yourself. I think it’s as good to have a boy as a girl, because a boy is a tender little lover of his mother, while a girl is a kind little cotton padded jacket of his mother.

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Pay attention to prenatal examination psychologically

Page 1: set up the idea that all boys and girls are the same

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Page 3: pay attention to prenatal examination psychologically

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