We all know that, in terms of quantity alone, female eggs are definitely diamond grade compared to male sperm. Therefore, how to preserve them before they decrease or even disappear is particularly important for women who currently do not want or cannot, and frozen eggs seem to give them hope.

Recently, Xu Jinglei stated that she had frozen her 9 eggs in the United States as early as 2013. The purpose of this move was not because she wanted to have children too much, but more to ensure that she had as much choice as possible in terms of reproductive rights. In her opinion, freezing her eggs was like finding the “only regret medicine in the world”. Her only regret was that she found this medicine a bit late.

1、 Frozen eggs, the only regret medicine in the world

In fact, Xu Jinglei talked about this topic in an interview during the promotion of the film earlier this year. The following is a summary of the original interview:

No one is more determined than me not to have children, really not at all. But freezing eggs is another matter, Because there is only one thing in life, regret is useless. You need to plan early. If one day, the situation forces you or your partner to change your mind, there will always be a way out and a solution. I regret doing it late because I am getting older. I have been tossing around for three months using hormones, but there is still a risk of wear and tear

From Xu Jinglei’s perspective above, we can see two key points: “hormones” and “age”. We have written too many articles before to introduce the feasibility of freezing eggs. Today, we will discuss these two points in detail.


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