Always look at the girlfriends around the baby gave birth to one after another, feel that birth is a very simple thing, when you want to give birth to a healthy baby, in fact, there are a lot of homework to do, at least you have to ensure that you do not do the following things___

1, avoid “love” and marry and have children.

It is a very imperfect marriage to love each other and eventually form a family relationship. Birth alone, couples with the same disease is very easy to pass on the disease to their offspring, which will seriously affect the health of children.

2, avoid close relatives marriage.

It has long been scientifically proven that inbreeding can lead to fetal malformations, intellectual decline in children, and many congenital diseases.

3, avoid sick marriage.

After marriage with illness, with the changes in life after marriage, will affect the health of both husband and wife, if it is serious illness will also bring crisis and cracks to the family. More importantly, if the disease is not cured in the case of pregnancy and childbirth, it is likely to have adverse effects on the health of children.

4, avoid premarital physical examination.

Pre-marital physical examination is a necessary procedure for marriage, and it is also a guarantee for the harmonious and happy life of both husband and wife after marriage. In the pre-marital physical examination, you can also check whether the husband and wife have an impact on eugenic and child-bearing problems, prevention in the future.

5, avoid the lack of necessary knowledge about reproductive knowledge.

There are many newlyweds who lack understanding of reproductive knowledge and still have no children after several years of marriage. They are so anxious and even complaining that their families are not harmonious.

6, avoid honeymoon pregnancy

Pregnancy is the first step in a child, and the physical condition of the couple directly determines the physical condition of the child. During the honeymoon, both spouses are generally tired, and sexual life is not coordinated, at this time pregnancy is obviously not the best. In addition, couples should avoid pregnancy after drinking, traveling or excessive fatigue.

7, avoid elderly pregnancy

For women, the best age to conceive should be between 25 and 30 years old, over 35 years of age to conceive again, will also affect the child’s health and intelligence. Male age can be high enough, but not too high.


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