In addition to menstrual chaos will affect pregnancy, some of the signs in the menstrual period are also warning you: if you are ready to get pregnant, you should pay attention to it! Do you understand these signals? Let me untie the four dangerous signs of menstruation for you.

Menstrual danger signal 1: dysmenorrhea is serious, analgesic tablets are useless

Before and after menstrual period or during menstrual period, do you have lower abdominal pain, low back acid and abdominal distension or other discomfort? Have tried dysmenorrhea serious enough to eat painkillers also useless, even abdominal pain has affected your life and work? At this time, you should pay attention to timely understand whether your dysmenorrhea is primary dysmenorrhea or secondary dysmenorrhea.

What’s the difference between primary and secondary, you might ask. I tell you, primary dysmenorrhea is from your menarche pain, reproductive organs do not have obvious organic lesions, often occurred in the previous day or two or shortly after the tide. The etiology of primary dysmenorrhea is not completely clear. It may be physical weakness, chronic disease, mental stress, etc. You can rest assured that primary dysmenorrhea will not affect fertility.

If your dysmenorrhea is secondary, be careful. What is secondary dysmenorrhea? It is dysmenorrhea caused by pathological changes of reproductive organs. The common pathological changes are pelvic endometriosis and adenomyosis. Secondary dysmenorrhea has caused dysmenorrhea disease, may also cause infertility, so we should pay attention to it and be careful. If you have been without dysmenorrhea before, is a recent period of time to have, may be secondary, to the hospital as soon as possible to do a detailed examination oh.

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Page 1: dysmenorrhea is serious, and painkillers are useless

Page 2: sudden increase in menstrual volume

Page 3: massive bleeding with severe pain

Page 4: sudden severe pelvic pain

Page 5: precautions during menstruation


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