The best age for a woman to get pregnant is between 25 and 30 years old. If she is over 35 years old, she will be an elderly expectant mother. She is busy with her work and has no time to have a baby on weekdays. When I want to have a baby, I find that I have entered the ranks of the elderly pregnant women unconsciously. Older pregnant mothers-to-be do not have to worry too much, I help you to make adequate preparations!

Regulating normal hormone secretion in vivo

If you want to conceive at an advanced age, the “transfer manager belt” is an important preparation before pregnancy. The so-called menstruation adjustment refers to the adjustment of menstruation, so that the regularity of menstruation time, the appropriate length of menstruation, the amount of normal menstruation, because a small amount may also be too thin intima, will not easily implant. In addition, the depth of blood color and pain are within the scope of menstruation.

Ligament refers to the adjustment of vaginal secretions. Too many secretions are the manifestation of body wetness, which can cause infertility, too little can cause vaginal dryness, difficulty in housing, of course, difficult to conceive.

In addition, deep anxiety can stop women ovulating, and when you decide to have children, you should learn how to eliminate such anxiety, such as yoga, breathing training or any activity that can make you feel relaxed.

In order to have a pleasant, melancholy and worry-free sexual life with the mission of conception, husbands should pay attention to and let their wives reach orgasm, which is very important to get a healthy and intelligent child.

Depression is not conducive to fetal physical development and EQ progress. Therefore, expectant mothers should dispel depression and pessimism, go outdoors to breathe fresh air, and participate in social activities. Husbands should be more considerate and understanding of their wives, and guide their wives to control their emotions. Psychological factors during childbirth can cause dystocia and fetal hypoxia. We should keep a good mental state during childbirth and avoid such bad psychology as fear, tension and anxiety.

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Page 1: Regulating normal hormone secretion in the body

Page 2: Maintaining a Standard Weight

Page 3: Ensure good egg quality

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