If you want to have a healthy and lively baby, you should be ready three months before pregnancy. Preparation before pregnancy is very important for a healthy baby. So expectant mothers should pay attention to more things when preparing for pregnancy, pay attention to the following 4 preparations before pregnancy, good pregnancy will come naturally!

Preparation 1: blood lead test

If a woman is in a lead polluted environment before pregnancy, even if she has no obvious symptoms of lead poisoning, she will have a significant impact on the development of her offspring in the future. Their neurobehavioral development, learning and memory ability, spontaneous activity, emotion and ability to adapt to the environment will be reduced. Expectant mothers are likely to pass on lead to their babies, causing them to be hyperactive and inattentive.

So for babies, the direct consequence of lead poisoning is hyperactivity disorder. Low learning efficiency, emotional instability, poor self-control are typical symptoms, and will also lead to low growth, anemia and other conditions. Therefore, if you want your baby to have a blood lead test, you should first go to the hospital to have a blood lead test. Only when the blood lead concentration is normal can you get pregnant.

At present, many hospitals can also check blood lead before pregnancy. Many adults with high blood lead have no clinical manifestations, so they don’t care. However, for the future intelligence of the pregnant women, it’s better to go to the hospital six months to three months in advance to check the blood lead. If the blood lead exceeds the standard, the blood lead should be reduced to the poisoning standard in time, and then the children should be considered.

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Page 1: preparation 1: blood lead test

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