We all know that we should nourish all kinds of supplements during pregnancy, but we often neglect them. Is it not necessary to nourish before pregnancy? It’s important to know that prenatal nutrition is important for eugenics. Therefore, parents are not allowed to pay attention to it in advance. Before pregnancy, they should match nutrition and prepare for pregnancy so that the baby can win in the absolute starting line.

I. reach the standard weight before pregnancy

If women of childbearing age have low weight and poor nutrition, they are likely to have low weight babies; if they have too much weight, they are likely to have some pregnancy complications, such as pregnancy induced hypertension such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, etc., and they are likely to cause the birth of abnormal weight babies, which is not good for pregnant mothers and babies. Therefore, to control the weight before pregnancy can give birth and give birth.

· underweight women

We can properly increase the intake of high-quality protein and fatty food, such as meat, eggs and soybean products, but we should not blindly eat supplements or eat a lot of snacks because we want to gain weight, which is not good for the development of the fetus during pregnancy, and it will increase some useless fat on the body, which will have an impact on the postnatal recovery.

· overweight women

In addition to actively carrying out the correct weight-loss exercise, consult the nutritionist as soon as possible to make a reasonable diet, control the calorie intake, eat less greasy and sweet food, and eat more healthy vegetables and fruits, but do not diet blindly to lose weight, which will cause great damage to the body, and will also bring adverse effects on the health and conception.

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